This Month’s Most Popular Finance Tips: October

Posted by Madison on October 29, 2014

This month our favorite finance discussion topics were ways to make extra money in your spare time, even more ways to earn money, becoming a millionaire, an overview of your financial pie chart, ways to cut costs, including saving money on haircare, earning cashback with the new Target Prepaid Red Card, and things you should know before you get laid off. If you missed the most popular finance tips this month, here’s a quick overview:

This Month’s Most Popular Tips: October

8 Simple Ways to Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time. Have old jewelry you don’t wear anymore? Kristen shared ways to make money including selling that old jewelry!

5 Surprising Things You Should Know Before You Get Laid Off. Don’t get caught off guard when it comes to unemployment, your HSA, 401k, and severance.

5 Keys to Becoming a Millionaire. Don shares ways to improve your odds at reaching millionaire status.

6 More Simple Ways to Earn Extra Money. Do you need even more ideas to make money?

How to Save Money on Haircuts, Hair Color and Hair Care. How much do you spend on your hair care routine? Do you need to find ways to cut back?

New Target Prepaid Red Card to Earn More Cashback. My newest favorite opportunity to earn lots of cashback.

19 Ways to Cut Costs During a Spending Fast. How to make a game plan for your spending fast.

What Should Your Financial Pie Chart Look Like? A visual example to show what the average person’s income breakdown looks like and how to make your own financial pie chart.

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