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12 Holiday Shopping Bonuses to Cash in Right Now

During the holidays my goal is to maximize every purchase using cash back [1] sites, credit card rewards [2] and bonuses, and any other deal I can get my hands on.

I buy a lot more stuff than the average person to sell on Amazon during the holiday season [3]. However, it’s good news for you, since I need to find a lot of shopping bonuses and deals.

After quickly maxing out the 5% Rotating Cash Rewards [4] for Q4, I started to search for any holiday deal I could make work. Here’s a list of all the holiday deals to take advantage of right now.

Holiday Shopping Bonuses to Cash in Right Now

  1. 5% Cash Rewards for Q4. 5% Rotating Cash Rewards [4] for Q4 are my favorite bonus since they almost all focus on holiday spending this quarter.
  2. Cashback Sites. I constantly use Ebates [5], Mr. Rebates [6] and other cash back [1] sites to earn cash back on our online purchases.
  3. Meet Spending Requirements. If you have any new credit cards [2], earning the bonus is usually the top priority because the return on spending is the greatest. I almost always try to open new cards with big [7] spending [8] bonuses [9] during the holiday season. I recently hit the spending requirements on my $4,420 Credit Card Application Spree [10] and I’m thinking of squeezing in another quick application spree for my husband.
  4. Discover Double Deals. The Discover it 10% Double Cashback [11] deals have made the cash back payouts very lucrative, often beating the traditional cashback sites by a lot. In addition, the Apple Pay 10%-20% Cashback [12] bonus in store is another deal to take advantage of this holiday season. For more, see How to Maximize the Discover Apple Pay $2,000 Promotion [13].
  5. 2nd Year Bonus on Citi Premier. If you opened a Citi Premier card last year, max out your 2nd year of spending on your Citi Thank You Premier Card [8] to get the rest of your $500 bonus.
  6. $15 Amazon Promo. Redeem your Amazon $15 Off $50 Purchase [14] by November 13, 2015.
  7. Chase Freedom $15 Visa Checkout. Get a $15 statement credit from Chase Freedom when you use Visa checkout [15] this holiday season.
  8. Amex $20 Best Buy Offer. American Express is giving out $20 statement credits when you spend $199 during the holiday Best Buy offer [16].
  9. Portal Bonus on American. It’s time for me to grow a little, and expand into new territory! Usually I focus strictly on cash back, but since I’ve maxed out every cash back offer I could find, I’m starting to take advantage of the airline portal bonuses. American has a portal bonus for 5,000 Bonus AAdvantage Miles This Month [17]. I maxed these out for both of us. My kids each have American accounts… I wonder if they are allowed to use portals for shopping???
  10. More Airline Portal Bonuses. Depending on what airline you like, many of the other airlines including Southwest, United, and Alaska [18] are also offering holiday bonuses.
  11. Check Your Mail. I received holiday spending bonus offers from my Penfed card ($100) and my Club Carlson card ($40) in the mail. Now is the time of year to avoid tossing all the junk mail… there might be some great offers in there!
  12. Check Your Email. Like the mail, some of the holiday offers come via email. I wasn’t targeted, but I believe some people have gotten offers for a spending bonus on the Chase Hyatt card.

Did I miss any? Which holiday shopping deals are you taking advantage of this holiday season?

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