American Express $100 – $250 Gift Card

Posted by Madison on May 1, 2009

American Express is offering $100 – $250 gift cards for new cardholders. The Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express from American Express is the featured Free Money Friday offer this week! How to Get Your Gift Card Open a new Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express. Earn 10,000 Starpoints with your […]

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Free Credit Reports and Scores from American Express

Posted by Madison on March 13, 2009

With our newly planned venture into real estate investing, I had to make sure Scott’s credit reports and scores were ready for lenders to see. I remembered an old service I used about a year ago from American Express, called CreditSecure, where you can get your free credit reports and scores. Free Money Friday, here […]

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Discover $50 – $100 Bonus

Posted by Madison on February 27, 2009

Also be sure to check out the Chase $100 Sign Up Bonus and the Discover $50 bonus! I spent some time last week chatting with a Discover rep about the Discover 25,000 Bonus Miles offer to clarify the math. When I explained to him what I was doing, he suggested an even better card for […]

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American Express $100 Gift Card

Posted by Madison on February 6, 2009

UPDATE: This offer has expired but check out the $250 bonus offer on the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card. It’s Friday! So let’s get right to our Free Money offer for the week! American Express is offering a $100 gift card for using the American Express Gold Card. How to Get Your Gift Card […]

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Free Credit Report and Scores

Posted by Madison on December 5, 2008

It was time to flip Scott’s 0% balance transfers to new cards. Just before I submit the applications, I like to pull our credit report to make sure that everything is in order. Update: This offer is no longer available. You can now obtain your credit reports and scores from Credit Sesame or TransUnion. I’m […]

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What Happened to Your Credit?

Posted by Madison on October 28, 2008

During a recent interview, I was asked if the credit crisis has had any affect on our credit card arbitrage. I hadn’t even thought about it because so far, it hasn’t. Of course that could always change with one trip to the mailbox! I thought about many of the different angles that I have dealt […]

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Reshuffling My Whole Cash Back Credit Card Plan

Posted by Madison on October 16, 2008

It had to happen… I’ve had a pretty sweet deal come to an end. For a few years, I’ve had a Chase card that earned 5% back on gas, groceries, and drugstores. I didn’t talk about it much, since you can’t apply for it anymore, so there wasn’t much point. I got a letter that […]

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We joined Costco! And we went there 5 times in 8 days! Here’s the catch with Costco, if you pay with credit, you need to use an American Express card. Lucky for me I keep a stash of credit cards handy for “emergencies” like this! Why does it matter which card I use? Because I […]

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Use Business Cards to Super-Size Your Credit Card Arbitrage

Posted by Madison on September 25, 2008

Regular readers know that I’m a credit card arbitrage junkie. This one is for those of you that enjoy playing that game and want to take it to the next level, using business credit cards. Why Are Business Cards So Useful? They don’t report on your individual credit report. So you can use 90% of […]

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TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express

Posted by Madison on September 12, 2008

UPDATE: The $25 bonus is no longer available for this card but it’s still one of the best cash rewards credit cards out there! I keep the Best Cash Rewards Credit Cards updated regularly. One of the cards added after it was first published was the TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express. Costco Membership […]

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