Citi $50 Sign Up Bonus & 10% off AT&T Service

Posted by Kate on August 24, 2010

Citi is really keeping up with some great offers. Their latest $50 statement credit is this week’s Free Money offer!

Note from Madison: You’ll have to hurry, this offer expires this Friday… so we’re changing the schedule this week and running back-to-back free money offers early to make sure you get a chance to get in on them!

How to Get Your Statement Credit

  1. Sign up for the AT&T Universal Card by August 27, 2010.
  2. Make $50 in purchases in your first 3 months.
  3. Receive a $50 statement credit within 8 weeks of the end of the promotion period.

Citi Terms and Conditions

  • The credit can only be earned by new AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards cardmembers.
  • Fees, cash advances, balance transfers and interest charges do not qualify as a purchase.
  • The only eligible transactions for which you earn savings are AT&T consumer products and/or services purchased directly from AT&T, billed to your Card Account. AT&T consumer products and services must be purchased from,, AT&T owned stores or AT&T customer service centers.

More on AT&T Universal Card

AT&T Discounts. If you use AT&T for wireless service, Internet connection, or digital TV, for the first 12 months, save 10% with your card on the AT&T products & services up to $350 per calendar year. Just make sure you make at least the same amount in other, non-AT&T purchases.

ThankYou Points. The AT&T Universal card also earns you Citi ThankYou Points – 1 point per dollar spent.

Sign Up for Citi

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Comments to Citi $50 Sign Up Bonus & 10% off AT&T Service

  1. When I click through, I see:

    Terms & Conditions

    * The statement credit can only be earned by new AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards cardmembers approved through this offer and approved by August 15, 2010.


    • Hi Steve!

      Good eyes. Yes, the terms say that, however, I contacted Citi because their page still has the offer listed.

      They confirmed that they will be giving out the $50 statement credit until this Friday, August 27, when they will remove this offer.


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