Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back Credit Card

Posted by Madison on May 14, 2010

Cash rewards credit cards are a fantastic way to get free money without much effort.

Chase Freedom, a card I’ve had forever, just sent me a new card in the mail with a copy of their 5% cash back calendar.

Of course they covered a lot of ground with cash back calendar that corresponds perfectly with our plans including working on the house and yard in spring, vacationing in the summer, and holiday shopping in the winter.

How to Get Your 5% Cash Back

  1. Open a new Chase Freedom if you don’t already have one.
  2. Enroll your card in the current offer.
  3. You can enroll online once you get your card for the 5% cash back offer.
  4. Earn 5% cash back rewards on the current category.

Chase Freedom 5% 2012 Cash Back Calendar

April-June July-September October-December
Grocery Stores Gas Hotels
Movie Theaters Restaurants Airlines
Best Buy & Kohls

More on Chase Freedom Cash Back

Other Purchases. Other Chase Freedom purchases earn 1% cash back.

Sticky Notes. I usually write the current categories on a sticky note, and tape it to our cards. Then, when I can’t remember which categories are currently at 5%, I can glance at the list.

If you're looking for a new credit card, be sure to check out our credit card directory!

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Comments to Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back Credit Card

  1. I have had the Chase Freedom card for quite awhile. Chase is now pushing their new Sapphire card on me. I know there are Points and such much like Chase Freedom. Do both cards use “Ultimate Rewards” program?
    If so, is either card better than the other?

    Jake T.

  2. They both use ultimate rewards, but earn differently. The Chase Freedom cards rotates the bonus quarterly, the Chase Sapphire doesn’t.

    The Chase Sapphire also has the $100 Sign Up Bonus right now.


  3. I have Freedom too but the 5% categories don’t really help renters or recent grads who can’t take vacation. Glad they have at least 1 “everyday” item (drugstores, gas, grocery) each season.


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