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Target 5% Discount Credit Card

We all know that cash rewards credit cards [1] are a fantastic way to get free money [2] without much effort.

And now one of my favorite retailers, is jumping on the 5% bandwagon [3]. Starting in two weeks, Target will offer a 5% discount for purchases made on their Target credit card.

How to Get Your 5% Discount

  1. Open a new Target credit card [4] if you don’t already have one.
  2. Start using your Target credit card on October 17, 2010.
  3. Earn a 5% discount on Target purchases.

More on Target Credit Card

5% Discount. The discount doesn’t apply to gift cards or prescriptions, but they are rolling out a new Prescription discount program with this change.

Target Credit Cards. The 5% discount will apply to the Target credit card, the Target Visa Credit Card, and the Target debit card.

Target Credit Card Tips and Tricks

Apply In Store. If you don’t already have a Target credit card, you should probably apply in store, because they’ll usually give you 10% off on your purchases the day you apply.

Stackable Discounts for Online Shopping. You can use the 5% discount at Target.com, so you can combine it with other cash back programs, like Ebates [5] for even more savings.

5% Cards. We buy a lot at Target, so I’m planning to add our Target card to our supply of 4th Quarter 5% Rotating Cash Rewards Credit Cards [3] to optimize our cash back on shopping!