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This Month’s Most Popular Finance Tips: May

This month our most popular finance tips [1] were tips for new grads [2], student loan forgiveness [3], important papers for unmarried couples [4], making a Roth conversion to avoid tax [5], an application spree [6], diversification of income [7] and making sense of interest rates [8].

If you missed the most popular finance tips this month, here’s a quick overview:

This Month’s Most Popular Tips: May

3 Important Legal Documents for Unmarried Couples [4]. Are you an unmarried couple? If so, do you have the legal documents in place to protect and provide for your loved one?

Roth IRA Conversion Strategy to Avoid Taxes [5]. How to avoid the hefty taxes on a Roth IRA conversion subject to the pro-rata rules.

$750 + 240k Point Credit Card Application Spree [6]. For some inspiration, here’s our latest application spree to pick up free money and points and miles.

29 Financial Tips for New Grads [2]. Readers shared their favorite financial tips for new graduates to get a jump start in money management.

How to Get Your Student Loans Forgiven [3]. Options to get a portion of your student loans forgiven.

How Diversification of Income Can Change Your Life [7]. How many income streams do you currently have?

How to Make Sense of Interest Rates, APYs and APRs [8]. There are so many different types of interest rates it gets confusing. Here is some help to sort it out!

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