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Finance Reads

How to Live Well Without Obsessing About Money – A great read for anyone who is a fan of personal finance blogs! -MoneyNing

Money 101: Why You Should Track Cash Flow – Cash flow is one thing I don’t track right now so I found this post to be pretty interesting. – FreeMoneyFinance

Top 8 Luxuries That Make Financial Sense to Splurge On – Whether I agree with them or not, I love reading other people’s perspectives on what is worth a splurge. -MoneyCrashers

Five Apps to Help Guide Your Retirement Savings – I’m always looking for some cool new apps and this was an interesting list! – Lazy Man and Money

What are the Most Expensive Traffic Violations? – We all know owning a car isn’t cheap but if you’re running into issues obeying the rules of the road, it can get even more expensive. -CashMoneyLife

How To Save Money On Keurig Coffee – I’ve always thought Keurig coffee machines were a bit too expensive to really be frugal so I liked reading about some ways to make them more affordable! -Three Thrifty Guys

How to Pay for Graduate School – A great read for anyone contemplating grad school and wondering how you might pay for it. -MoneySmartLife

5 Ways that Filing for Bankruptcy Impacts your Life – Even though this is Canadian-focused, I think it does a good job of running through things in your life that will be impacted if you file for bankruptcy. -Million Dollar Journey

Splurge vs. Save – An Interview Outfit That Won’t Break the Bank – Some good tips for that all-important interview outfit! -GoGirl Finance

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  1. Hey, thanks so much for showcasing my new project! It’s been a blast pimping out all the great articles out there so far, and people like you are helping me get the word out – so thanks! I owe you a beer 🙂

    J. Money

    • Glad we could help J! We’re loving the new project, it is so much fun to see all the great articles!


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