We found a bunch of interesting personal finance articles on the web this week, ranging from baby toys to real estate. Make sure to check them out!

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Finance Reads

5 Financial Principles from a 34 Year Old Millionaire Investor – I think it’s easy to see why this article caught my eye! -Million Dollar Journey

Who Really Needs Your Social Security Number? – I read this with interest as it seems everyone asks for your SSN these days and giving it out can make you more susceptible to identify theft. -MoneyNing

The Best Frugal Baby Toys I’ve Found – This will definitely be of interest to any new parents! -Lazy Man and Money

Car Troubles – Repair or Replace It? – When your car gets to be a certain age, I think this is a question everyone starts asking themselves. -CashMoneyLife

My Real Estate Objectives and Strategy – It’s been interesting to see FMF’s real estate strategy unfold over the past year or so. -FreeMoneyFinance

4 Mortgage Refinancing Mistakes – A quick read that anyone who is thinking of refinancing should make sure not to miss. -MoneySmartLife

How To Stay Healthy When You’re On A Budget – Since food is such a big budget item, when you start slashing costs in that category, it’s easy to start reaching for cheap, unhealthy replacements. This had some great tips on how to stay healthy even while reworking your budget. -GoGirl Finance

Carnival of Personal Finance – Kristen wrote about how How to Deal With Debt Collectors in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

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