Dealing with student loans can be overwhelming. If you are having trouble finding a job or not earning what you thought you would be, simply making the minimum payments can be impossible. Here is what you can do when you can’t make your student loan payments. (Photo Credit: thisisbossi) How to Handle Your Student Loans […]

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Health Care Tax Forms May Contain Error: What to Do

Posted by Madison on March 2, 2015

In order to claim the new health insurance premium tax credit on your tax return you need form 1095-A from the health insurance marketplace. Last week the Department of Treasury announced that 800,000 (about 20%) of the 1095-A forms sent were wrong. Corrected forms will be sent this week. The errors impacted tax returns in […]

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New Target REDperks Reward Program

Posted by Madison on February 27, 2015

It’s Free Money Friday! Target is rolling out their new Target REDperks program. It’s still in beta and only available in some markets, but if you get accepted it’s worth some free rewards. How to Sign Up for Target REDperks Enter your name and zip code at Target REDperks. If you are in one of […]

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This Month’s Most Popular Finance Tips: February

Posted by Madison on February 26, 2015

This month our most popular finance tips and discussion topics were how to find the best place to sell your stuff for cash, how to get a free $10 Amazon gift card, improve your credit score, avoid money mistakes, get $30 to pay your cell phone bill and all about the Kiddie Tax. If you […]

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How to File Taxes While in Prison

Posted by Amanda on February 24, 2015

Prisoners who have been in the system for longer than a year typically do not make much income. In fact, they may not even make enough to be required to file taxes. If you’ve thought about filing a tax return in order to take advantage of your low prison wages and the Earned Income Tax […]

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How often have you gone to the mall not intending to buy anything, yet you walk out with bags of stuff? If you are like most others, this has happened to you more than a few times. The question is why does this happen? The simple answer is that marketers get us to spend. They […]

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Lending Club $25 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on February 20, 2015

Lending Club just announced a new sign up bonus. We haven’t seen one in a long time, so I was excited when I saw the email! Lending Club is offering a $25 sign up bonus for new lenders. Happy Free Money Friday! How to Get Your $25 Sign up Bonus Sign up as a lender […]

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Take Advantage of Retirement Catch-Up Contributions

Posted by Jill on February 19, 2015

If you’re over 50 and diligent about retirement savings, you may be maxing out both your 401k and traditional or Roth IRA. But to really supercharge your savings and make sure you are extra-prepared for retirement, you should also take advantage of catch up contributions. Catch-up contributions are special provisions that allow you to contribute […]

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What is the Kiddie Tax?

Posted by Madison on February 18, 2015

We recently discussed Do Your Kids Need to File Taxes? I mentioned that if interest, dividends and other investment income are more than $2,100 in 2016, you’re going to get hit with the kiddie tax. What is the kiddie tax and who does the kiddie tax apply to? Let’s take a closer look. Background Children […]

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5 Quick Tips for Decorating on a Budget

Posted by Kristen on February 17, 2015

Decorating and furnishing a home or apartment doesn’t have to cost you as much as you think. If you try to use what you have, be creative and flexible, and be smart and budget conscious, you can end up loving your space without spending a ton of money. Here are five quick tips for decorating […]

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