Holiday Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Posted by Kristen on October 21, 2014

It’s time for another holiday gift guide to help you with inexpensive ideas for your holiday shopping. This week we are focusing on finding the perfect gift for wine lovers!

Chances are you know a person who loves wine. Wine lovers are great to buy for because there are plenty of affordable, interesting gifts you can buy with their favorite beverage in mind. Here are some budget friendly ideas for wine lovers this holiday season.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

  • Electric wine opener.
    I’ve lost one too many corks inside a wine bottle while struggling with a corkscrew. Instead of dealing with a traditional corkscrew, you can use this cordless, electric bottle opener to make it a breeze. This particular model opens up to 30 bottles, including a foil cutter for removing the outer seals.
  • A bottle of wine.
    Sounds simple enough, but sometimes the simple way is the best way to go. You can find out what type of wine your wine lover likes, and ask the store’s expert for good recommendations. Tie a ribbon around the bottle, and you’re set. Best of all, you can find a bottle of wine priced to whatever your budget is.
  • Wine rack.
    Every wine lover needs a nice place to store their extra bottles. You’ll find a vast variety of different types of wine racks to put on a kitchen counter or bar top. You can find wine racks to match a room’s décor, a holiday themed one, a sports team themed rack, and much more. This basic wine rack on Amazon holds seven bottles of wine and is made of sturdy metal. If you want to sweeten the gift, you can even throw a bottle of wine in it to start the collection.
  • Take them to a wine event.
    You’d be surprised how many affordable wine events are happening right around you. Check out local wine stores, wine bars, liquor stores, specialty food stores, and restaurants to see if they are holding tastings, classes, pairings, dinners, or other types of wine events. You may even find a free tasting. Many times if a store is holding a tasting, they offer a discount on any wine purchased during the tasting as well.
  • Wine stoppers.
    Wine stoppers are essential for any unfinished bottle of wine. They’ll want to preserve that leftover wine to keep it at its best quality for later. You can find a variety of wine stoppers including sports themed, fashion themed, or monogrammed. This particular wine stopper is great for the holiday season.
  • Wine stain remover.
    If you’ve ever spilled red wine on a rug or on your sweater, you know that it is pretty tough and maybe even near impossible to get out. This Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover is great for getting those red wine stains out of the carpet, a couch, your clothes, or whatever else a wine lover could spill . It’s the perfect gift since it might not be something they would think to have on hand. It’s especially useful for the wine lover that loves to entertain so they’ll have no worries if a guest has a spill.
  • Wine bottle chiller.
    There are two types of wine chillers. One type, you can take any type of bottle, warm or cold, and make it cold. With this inexpensive variety, you can keep your wine bottle that has already been chilled cold. The description says it can keep your cold wine or champagne bottle cool for up to three hours without sweating. Grab your chilled white wine out of the fridge, put it in the chiller, and then you won’t have to worry about it getting warm while entertaining.
  • Wine cork storage.
    One thing that every wine lover will have a lot of, is corks. While sometimes they get tossed away in the garbage, some prefer to hang on to them. With the leftover wine corks, you can write the date you opened it for a keepsake or use for a craft later on. Get your wine lover something decorative to store all of those corks in for the meantime. You can get a nice basket, decorative vase or container, or even something specifically for corks like this wine barrel cork cage which holds a large number of corks along with a bottle of wine.
  • A decanter.
    Pour a bottle of wine into a decanter to let it breathe. You can find a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Wine aerator.
    Even if you’re not huge on wine, you may have heard the term that the wine needs to “breathe” or “open up”. For those wine lovers without a decanter or who don’t want to wait around for the wine to open up, an aerator is a good solution. You simply pour the wine directly through this aerator into the individual wine glass. The description says that is quickly and easily opens up the flavors and aromas of the wine and enhances the total quality of the wine. You can clean this particular aerator easily with warm running water.
  • A book on wine.
    You’ll find plenty of books on wine at a used book store or on Amazon. Topics can include general learning of grapes and the wine process, learning more on how to taste wine properly, how to cook with wine, how to pair different foods with wine, or books about wine from specific regions. If your wine lover also loves to cook, consider a cookbook focused on wine as an ingredient or a cookbook that also offers wine pairing suggestions.
  • Wine glasses.
    What wine lover doesn’t want more wine glasses? Even if you know they already have glasses on hand or use a special type of glass, it is always nice to have extra. This way, if they are entertaining or one of their glasses break, they have a nice fallback with your glasses you bought.

What are you buying your wine lover this year? If you love wine, what are some inexpensive, creative ideas that you would like to receive this holiday season?

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