Snow, What I Want for Christmas, and More!

Posted by Madison on December 10, 2008

After 7 inches of snow, yesterday was our first snow day of the year! This year was supposed to be more mild than last year (when we got more than 100 inches of snow!), but it’s only early December and we already have 16 inches on the ground… on pace with last year… Announcements 529 […]

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Holiday Travel, Shopping, and Your Retirement

Posted by Madison on November 19, 2008

I’m so proud of myself! We almost always fly down to visit our in-laws. However, this year we’ve decided to drive to save some money. (Especially since now we would have to buy an additional seat for our two-year-old.) Because we usually have a lengthy layover at O’Hare, driving will probably only take about 1-2 […]

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An 866% Return and Debating Taxes

Posted by Madison on October 29, 2008

Andrew Lahde Did you hear about Andrew Lahde? He was a hedge fund manager until about two weeks ago. His fund was only a year old and returned 866%. He bet against the sub prime collapse. And now he’s calling it quits. Obviously, it’s nothing that any of us can repeat, but there is an […]

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Another Economic Stimulus Package, Tip’d, and More!

Posted by Madison on October 22, 2008

Another Economic Stimulus Package? The financial world continues to change on a daily basis. There’s talk of a new stimulus package and the possibility of making 401k contributions taxable. In addition, the new inflation rate for I-Bond was announced and the earnings subject to Social Security tax is going up again. The new maximum will […]

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Free Money, Blog Action Day, Lending Club and More!

Posted by Madison on October 15, 2008

There is so much going on this week! Lending Club is open again (which is great since I have $300 in my Lending Club account after winning the PF Challenge) and Prosper is entering a quiet period to add a secondary lending market. In addition, Grocery Game notified me that chicken was at a rock-bottom […]

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The Impact of Marriage and Divorce on Your Finances

Posted by Madison on October 8, 2008

We joined Costco. And I’ve only been there 5 times in 8 days! Thanks for all your suggestions; we knew exactly what to look for. Now I just need to get my True Earnings Credit Card for Costco and I’ll be all set. Also on my checklist for today is tuning my TiVo for a […]

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The Great Bailout of 2008

Posted by Madison on October 1, 2008

Where’s my bailout-financial crisis-economic downward spiral articles? I’m not much of a panic person, so all this hoopla doesn’t really get me fired up. I’m a long term investor, sticking to a solid asset allocation plan. With that in mind, this too shall pass. Although, I can tell you that I picked almost the worst […]

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Financial Turmoil and Hurricane Ike in My Last Week at Work

Posted by Madison on September 17, 2008

There is a lot of financial news this week! To say it’s a crazy week in personal finance is an understatement! But, before we get to that, we finally have some updates to share with you on the stories going on at our house. Digging. After Digging Up The Water Pipes at Our House and […]

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Preschool, Investing, Credit Cards, and Weddings!

Posted by Madison on September 3, 2008

My Back to School Savings Challenge was a success! (The challenge was to save more than you spent this year getting ready for back to school.) I saved $25 from Etrade, $5 from Revolution Money Exchange, and $12 hitting a sale for a free lunch box. Total saved: $42; total spent: $37; dropping my 2-year-old […]

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Housing, Retirement, Investing… and Michael Phelps!

Posted by Madison on August 20, 2008

I love watching the Olympics, especially seeing Michael Phelps get his 8th gold medal. Find out how much he can expect to earn from all the gold medals. Not only is he a superstar swimmer, but his swimming is inspiring others to get out of debt. Housing Forclosure Hell: Houses Selling For $1. In addition […]

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