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Snow, What I Want for Christmas, and More!

After 7 inches of snow, yesterday was our first snow day of the year! This year was supposed to be more mild than last year (when we got more than 100 inches of snow!), but it’s only early December and we already have 16 inches on the ground… on pace with last year…


529 Bonus. The $25 Referral Bonus for 529 Plan [1] ends on Monday Dec. 15! If you are planning to open an account, make sure you do so this week. I’m planning to open another account for my niece to take advantage of the bonus money, it will make a great Christmas gift!

New Book. Trent at The Simple Dollar released his book: 365 Ways to Live Cheap [2]. I’ve never written a book (nor have I wanted to), but I know it must take a lot of time and dedication. Congratulations to Trent. Read the full announcement [3].

Small Business Giveaway. Ever wanted to start your own small business? Check out the small business stimulus package giveaway [4] at Money Smart Life. The winner will receive cash and business products and services to help you get started.

My Christmas List

My favorite article this week was How to Save Money on a Digital Photo Frame [5]. We got these as gifts for our parents a couple years ago and I love them. I’ve been wanting one for our house, but don’t want to spend the money. I’m hoping my husband catches this article. With all the spare computer parts in the basement, I’m sure he could make one of these for me for dirt cheap!

More Holiday Cheer

Personal Finance

More Bailouts… Are You Still Angry? [10]
“Are we going to see T.G.I. Fridays asking for a bailout next?” Enough said!

Citi UPromise Will Be Bank of America UPromise [11]
For those of you who use the Upromise Rewards [12] program and credit card, you’ll probably see the letter this week. I got mine in the mail on Monday.

Are You In Financial Trouble? Money Tips To Cope With Hard Times [13]
I hope you aren’t in financial trouble, but if you are, here are some good tips to help you get through it.

‘Millionaire’ gifts and taxes [14]
How the taxes work on TV shows that give away money. Featured is the latest show, Secret Millionaire.

Why you’ll be richer without kids [15]
Or creating a plan to compensate if you do have kids.

More Personal Finance