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The Impact of Marriage and Divorce on Your Finances

We joined Costco. And I’ve only been there 5 times in 8 days! Thanks for all your suggestions [1]; we knew exactly what to look for. Now I just need to get my True Earnings Credit Card [2] for Costco and I’ll be all set.

Also on my checklist for today is tuning my TiVo for a couple upcoming shows:

Oprah. Tune in to Oprah today! Supposedly the guest is one of the “thriftiest families in America.” In addition, viewers across the country will share their money-saving secrets. I’ll check it out and report back if I learn anything new.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. On Sunday, the house will be one from our area. (Actually it’s in a rural area an hour from here). It was all over the news when they rebuilt it and I know a few people who volunteered.

Marriage and Divorce

This past weekend we attended a wedding for some friends. It makes me think back to our wedding day in 2003 and think about how wonderful it was. In the same weekend, we also heard about a family member who is filing for divorce and will probably spend a lot of time in court fighting over both custody and money. Both of these events have a significant financial impact on your finances.

Divorce – A Wealth Killer [3]
I hope my husband and I never have to deal with this. Divorce is a financial nightmare. If you are facing this, here are some tips.

Combining Finances When Getting Married. [4]
They combined all their money. We did the same. For the most part it works for us.

Joint Accounts: How We Budget Deposits and Withdrawals [5]
A couple who uses the proportional budgeting method.

Marriage and Careers in a Bad Economy [6]
Lots of marriage money articles for those of you tying the knot.

Why Cash Offers More Flexibility Than Gift Cards [7]
What to give the new couple? Think twice before giving a gift card.

Debt Reduction

Five Tips for Reducing Your Debt [8]
Breaking it into small pieces will no doubt make the task more manageable.

Back To Basics: Debt-Free Is The Path To Financial Success [9]
Debt myths revealed and the advantages of being debt free.

3 Different Debt Payoff Strategies [10]
Want to know where to start? Here’s a few choices.

Get Out Of Debt – It Isn’t A Race [11]
Pace yourself and in the end, you’ll be more than proud of yourself!

The Bailout

It wouldn’t be right without our obligatory nod to the financial world around us:


More articles I enjoyed this week:

Finally, Loanio Launches! [22]
There’s a new peer-to-peer lender in town. I currently use Prosper [23] so I’ll be interested to hear more about Loanio, which allows co-borrowers.