Another Economic Stimulus Package, Tip’d, and More!

Posted by Madison on October 22, 2008

Another Economic Stimulus Package?

The financial world continues to change on a daily basis. There’s talk of a new stimulus package and the possibility of making 401k contributions taxable.

In addition, the new inflation rate for I-Bond was announced and the earnings subject to Social Security tax is going up again. The new maximum will be $106,800 in January, since wages increased 4.7% in 2007.


I’m having fun with the free trial software. You put in your income and any debts you have. Then you add your investments, retirement plans, and any other goals (like saving for college for your kids). The goal is to see if your plan works over your whole lifetime.

PineCone Research Sign Up Link
This is the online survey site that I currently use. You can only signup during specified times, so jump on it if you are interested.

Matching Foodbank Donations Extended
A reader at Five Cent Nickel is matching $1000 in contributions to local food banks through the end of the week. Make your money count twice for charity!


Tip’d – A New Social Media Site for Financial Topics
Looking for more finance articles? Check out Tip-d. I found some fun reads:

Saving Money

The Big List: 1,019 Different Ways To Save Money
This is my favorite article of the week. So many incredible ideas!

Gaming For Less: Play The Best Video Games On A Budget
I don’t play video games, except for a little Wii Bowling at the in-laws, but for those of you out there who do, here are some tips.

Back To Basics: Stop Whining And Frugal Up Your Finances
More great ways to save money and a reminder that “if what you have been doing up to this point isn’t working, then it is time to try something new.”

More Personal Finance Reads this Week:

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Comments to Another Economic Stimulus Package, Tip’d, and More!

  1. thanks for the link!


  2. I sure hope the plan to make 401k contributions taxable dies a quick death. It seems like it would kill the plans altogether. At least with the 401k some people contribute and end up with a retirement nestegg.

    Thanks for linking up to my article on frugaling up!


  3. That 401K idea is not a plan and not being sponsored by anyone in Congress, no need to worry. 🙂 It was written by a professor and presented to a few Senators, that’s all. It will never happen.

    Thanks for including the 1,019 ways to save money!


  4. I’m sad to see the Chase Freedom card go. I love that card! 🙂


  5. Hi Madison, glad you liked my article on “The Satisfaction of Paying off Debt”.

    BTW: it’s people like you who are my inspiration. Whilst I say I want to retire at 40, it’s more like I want to leave the workforce like you did. At least be my own boss. Looking forward to seeing how you get on.

    Andy @ Retire at 40

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