Holiday Travel, Shopping, and Your Retirement

Posted by Madison on November 19, 2008

I’m so proud of myself! We almost always fly down to visit our in-laws. However, this year we’ve decided to drive to save some money. (Especially since now we would have to buy an additional seat for our two-year-old.) Because we usually have a lengthy layover at O’Hare, driving will probably only take about 1-2 hours longer than flying.

We considered having a DVD player installed to help with the drive (which will be about 9 hours total), but figured we could just buy a portable one for a fraction of the price. We’re going to go to the library and rent some videos for the trip. Hopefully that should occupy our 1 and 2 year-old for oh… about 15 minutes!

Just by making a few financially minded decisions we saved: $625 for airfare (less gas), $500 for a cheaper DVD player, and $20 for borrowed videos. Total savings: $1145. Consider your Thanksgiving travel plans… are there some quick changes you can make to save some money?

Holiday Shopping

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Retirement and Investing

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Comments to Holiday Travel, Shopping, and Your Retirement

  1. Congrats on your holiday savings! That’s a big number. Thanks too for the round up of inexpensive holiday gift ideas.

    I recently dug back into my 12 years of girl scouting, where I made tons of great homemade gifts, to write this article, “11 Easy and Cheap Homemade Gifts Sure To Make Mom Cry”. Thought you might enjoy it!


  2. M, did you also factor in the cost of wear and tear on your car in your cost savings calculations ?
    Miles from a long trip are easier on your car than short trip miles, but each 1000 miles is still a good %age of an oil change, tire life etc.
    For short duration (2-3 days) but long milage (500+ miles) trips, I have sometimes rented an auto to avoid putting extra milage on mine. This also allows you get a specific vehicle for the trip, such as an SUV for a ski trip, without the expense of owning that vehicle type all year.

    Frugal in SoCal

  3. Madison,

    Just make sure the library videos are returned on time, otherwise all that savings will nothing! 😉

    Chris Hunter

  4. @ Frugal in SoCal: You caught me! I was just accounting for gas. If I use the IRS mileage rate instead, my savings will be less… although still cheaper than flying.

    @ Chris Hunter: Good reminder! We only get a week, so I’ll make plans to renew them online to avoid any late fees.


  5. come on, you can’t count $500 savings on a DVD player.

    Three years ago you would never have considered a DVD player, you would have paid attention to the child and occupied them that way. Why should it be any different now.


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