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Free Money, Blog Action Day, Lending Club and More!

There is so much going on this week! Lending Club [1] is open again (which is great since I have $300 in my Lending Club account after winning the PF Challenge [2]) and Prosper [3] is entering a quiet period to add a secondary lending market.

In addition, Grocery Game [4] notified me that chicken was at a rock-bottom price this week… 88 cents per pound! So I bought a couple and I am making the frugal chicken soup recipe [5] from feelgood eats [6].

My favorite article this week is Back To Basics: 79+ Brilliant Budgeting Resources You’ll Love [7] at My Super-Charged Life. It’s a budgeting bible!

Free Money Friday

Sometimes there just aren’t enough Fridays to go around. There are so many free offers out there I can’t begin to highlight them all, only doing one each week. So here’s a extra special free money [8] Friday edition… on Wednesday! Some are bonus money, some are free offers, and some are giveaways:

Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day [22] to raise awareness on a global issue. This year the topic is poverty:


More Great Articles this week