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An 866% Return and Debating Taxes

Andrew Lahde

Did you hear about Andrew Lahde? He was a hedge fund manager until about two weeks ago. His fund was only a year old and returned 866%. He bet against the sub prime collapse. And now he’s calling it quits.

Obviously, it’s nothing that any of us can repeat, but there is an incredible lesson: walk away when you are on top. Here is his rather unusual goodbye letter [1].

Tax Debate

When I asked Do You Report All Your Income? [2] I had no idea that so many of you were so passionate about not paying taxes! Check out the comments [3] for a very interesting debate.

A couple links from the comments that you might find interesting:

More on taxes:


The $50 Sign Up Bonus from TradeKing [9] has been extended until November 30. In addition, TradeKing is offering free investment webinars [10].

Great news for Canadian readers. Here’s a rundown of companies offering the Upcoming Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) [11].

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