A Biodegradable Credit Card?

Posted by Madison on August 6, 2009

What will they think of next? I just stumbled across the Biodegradable Discover More Card. Really? A biodegradable credit card? I had no idea that simple little credit cards created so much waste. Here’s how Discover is pitching the card: New biodegradable card plastic breaks down 99% within five years in landfill conditions and leaves […]

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Which Coupon Code Sites Do You Use?

Posted by Madison on July 30, 2009

I’m always on the the search for the best coupon code sites. They make shopping online easier and cheaper than running out to the store. Last week we were looking for a new set of Thule racks for my car. We realized that with three kiddos, we’re going to need to put a rocket box […]

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Life as a Family of Five

Posted by Madison on July 23, 2009

A few weeks into life with three kids and we’re doing pretty well. We finally have a sleeper on our hands so we’re getting the much needed rest that we lacked when we brought each of the boys home from the hospital. It’s amazing what getting the right amount of sleep can do! We’ve also […]

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Have you Loaned Money on Kiva?

Posted by Madison on July 16, 2009

We’ve talked about Lending Club a lot lately, but something that has been in the back of my mind is Kiva. Kiva is a micro lending site aimed at low income entrepreneurs in 44 developing countries. It’s a cross between a charity (it’s a non profit organization) and a peer-to-peer social lending site. You select […]

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Our Baby Girl is Here!

Posted by Madison on July 9, 2009

Our family just got a little bigger, when we welcomed our new baby girl into our home. Her big brothers are excited and we’re delighted to finally have a girl in the family! (I come from a large extended family of way too many boys!) Just like our boys, she showed up almost a week […]

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Student Loan Rates Will Drop to All Time Low

Posted by Madison on June 25, 2009

Great news for those of you with student loans! On July 1, the interest rates on Stafford loans and PLUS loans will drop to an all time low! Here’s what the new rates will look like: Stafford loans in in-school or grace period status: 2.00% Stafford loans in repayment: 2.50% PLUS loans: 3.38% This is […]

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Switching from Satellite to Cable… Again!

Posted by Madison on June 18, 2009

We’re switching from DirecTV back to Charter cable. My husband does an annual review of our TV, internet, and phone services to make sure we’re getting the best rates. It seems like every time we check, the other service is offering an incentive that’s lower than our current bill. After a year, they always seem […]

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What are You Getting Dad for Father’s Day?

Posted by Madison on June 11, 2009

Father’s Day is just around the corner, June 21 to be exact. I’m struggling to find something for my dad, who is one of those guys that has everything he needs. My husband is also on my list, since my kids are little. I like to help them pick out a little something for their […]

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Loose Ends, Retirement, and More

Posted by Madison on June 4, 2009

Each week I use the Thursday post to talk about personal finance tidbits that are interesting, but don’t necessarily need an entire article devoted to them. As you’ve noticed, it’s also where I post announcements and highlight personal finance articles around the web. Because most of the tidbits are about things going on in my […]

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Advanta Closes all Credit Cards, 529 Plans, and More!

Posted by Madison on May 28, 2009

Advanta, which is one of my favorite credit card companies for small business cards, is closing their doors on Saturday, May 30. We got a letter in the mail two days ago. Talk about a quick exit! I know many of you got an Advanta card for 0% Balance Transfers in the past. The good […]

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