Loose Ends, Retirement, and More

Posted by Madison on June 4, 2009

Each week I use the Thursday post to talk about personal finance tidbits that are interesting, but don’t necessarily need an entire article devoted to them. As you’ve noticed, it’s also where I post announcements and highlight personal finance articles around the web.

Because most of the tidbits are about things going on in my personal life, it turns out that many of my family and friends, look forward to reading just this article each week! One friend even mentioned to me that she has to skim over all the personal finance stuff and free money offers to get to the “good stuff.” Who knew?

Loose Ends

For those of you that like to follow the personal stories, here are some updates on recent topics that I’ve discussed, but left everyone hanging on the outcome.

Speeding Ticket. After my three year old knocked his tooth out of place on the playground and we spent the afternoon at the dentist to put it back in place, I ended up not going to court last month. I called just before court started and explained the situation; they let me reschedule for later this month.

Patio Work. We’re having the landscape architect come over today to finalize our plans for our new patio work and landscaping. We had multiple companies draw up plans and bid on the work. It almost felt like a small scale version of Designers’ Challenge on HGTV. OK, not really, but it was fun to compare the different ideas. We’re hoping to have all the work complete by the end of the month.

Painting the Nursery Pink. We had our final ultrasound last week, and confirmed that the new baby, due in a few weeks, will indeed be a girl! So we’re planning to paint the nursery this weekend… pink and purple. After two boys, I couldn’t resist going 100% girly decor.

Last Call for Guest Posts. Here is your last reminder! Today is the last day to submit articles for the Amazon gift card giveaway and writer positions.

Now onto those personal finance articles…


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