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Switching from Satellite to Cable… Again!

We’re switching from DirecTV [1] back to Charter [2] cable. My husband does an annual review of our TV, internet, and phone services to make sure we’re getting the best rates.

It seems like every time we check, the other service is offering an incentive that’s lower than our current bill. After a year, they always seem to send a letter increasing the rates…. so we just switch back.

Since they usually waive the installation fee and send a technician to do the work, switching is relatively easy. In addition, we planned ahead by wiring our house for both cable and satellite when we built. This is the third switch we’ve made in 3 years.

Our savings this time around, is $14 per month. We’re using Charter [2] for the TV and internet, and keeping Vonage [3] for phone.

In addition, we’re getting DVR with the cheaper cable package. Our current DVR is an old one that doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee, so we’ve considered selling it on eBay [4].

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just go without? Sure. But if we’re going to use it, why not shop around for the cheapest rates?



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