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Our Baby Girl is Here!

Our family just got a little bigger, when we welcomed our new baby girl into our home. Her big brothers are excited and we’re delighted to finally have a girl in the family! (I come from a large extended family of way too many boys!)

Just like our boys, she showed up almost a week past her due date. I also spent some extra time in the hospital due to a c-section, but we’re both home and doing well. Thanks to all of you who have sent emails wishing us well!

Now it’s time to open her ING account to get a $25 Bonus [1]! I’ll also be working through our Financial Checklist for Infants [2] soon to update our wills, beneficiaries, and change our tax withholding.

Until I get around to that, I think I’ll just get some sleep! In the mean time, you’ll continue to see some great guest posts submitted by readers.


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