It’s time for one of my favorite traditions – an application spree! I sign up for a handful of my favorite credit card sign up bonuses at the same time. It’s not for everyone, and it has to be done very carefully; but if it’s done right, it can be a very lucrative way to make extra money!

Over the years, I’ve documented many of my previous application sprees to pick up bonus offers bringing in almost $20,000 and over 500,000 points and travel miles: $4,420, $3,000, $2,075, $1,525, $750, $1,720, $1,800, $2,000 and $2,325.

Chase Tightening the Rules

Chase has said that they will be implementing the new 5 approvals in 2 years rule for business cards beginning in March. (The personal Chase cards, like the Sapphire Preferred card with the $500 bonus have already had this rule). There are rumors that the 5 approvals in 2 years rule for business cards will also apply to co-branded cards shortly including airlines and hotel cards from Chase. Based on the new rules that will apply next week, it was time to pick up the Chase cards I want immediately!

Credit Card Application List

  1. Chase Ink Plus Business. $750 bonus. 60,000 points to redeem for $600 or $750 towards travel. Based on the new rules, applying for this card this week became a top priority!
  2. Chase Hyatt. 2 free nights. The two free nights are worth around $500 each when we redeem them at ski resorts over the holidays. Debating between the Hyatt card and the 80,000 point Marriot bonus was almost a coin flip. Picking up these Chase cards before the new rules kick in was my motivation to get this application spree rolling!
  3. Capital One Spark for Business. $500 cash bonus. You can earn 2% cash back on all purchases. We already have the personal Capital One Venture card with a $400 bonus, so this time we’re targeting the business card.
  4. Citi AA. 50,000 miles. 50,000 miles is worth just over 3 free trips for us using the reduced mileage awards and 10% mileage rebate. I’m also targeting this card for the free checked bags for a spring break trip we have booked.
  5. BOA Travel Rewards. $200 bonus. The offer, which is normally $100 is doubled right now for $200. You earn 1.5 points for each dollar you spend plus the bonuses I mentioned with the preferred rewards program.
  6. BOA Cash Rewards. $100 bonus. The card earns 1-3% cash back on purchases and I’m targeting this card to see about a joint enrollment in the rewards program.
  7. Barclaycard Arrival. $200 sign up bonuses. Since we’ve already had the Barclaycard Arrival Plus with the $420 sign up bonus, I’m going to try to get the downgraded card.
  8. American Express Delta. $50 statement credit and 30,000 mile sign up bonus. For the return leg of our Spring Break trip, we’re flying Delta. Free bags have tremendous value for a family of five with ski gear!
  9. American Express Starwood. 25,000 points. We burned through all of our Starwood points on our Disney trip, so we’re due for some more! We already have personal cards, so we need to circle back for the business version for my husband.

I’m also planning to double back on the 8th day for a second Citi card. The Hilton card currently has increased their sign up bonus. I also briefly considered the AT&T Access More card with the $650 new phone credit, but it’s only if you have AT&T wireless service.

I’m going to hold off on any US Bank applications right now, since the Olympics are coming up. In the past, they’ve increased bonuses based on the medal count during the Olympics, so I’m hoping for another promotion like that.

Overall Value

The total for all of the sign up bonuses is: $1,800 bonuses + over $2,700 hotel and flights = $4,500. Some of the points and miles will be redeemed for more, but I like to put the minimum value based only on what I’d pay in cash for flights we would take anyways and hotel stays we already have planned.

Credit Card Application Links

All of the links I used for the application spree are now listed in our credit card directory.

More on Credit Card Application Sprees

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