$2,325 Holiday Credit Card Application Spree

Posted by Madison on December 5, 2012

Can you believe it’s time for another application spree? We met all of the spending requirements from the last two application sprees, and I still have more holiday shopping to do!

We featured some big free money offers lately; since many of them specifically state they are limited time offers, I want to jump on them before the end of the year (actually, before the end of the day)!

My goal is to cover all of our holiday shopping with as few sign up bonuses as possible. I think it can easily be done! Here is my list of the current credit card offers I’m planning to take advantage of. As always, my goal is to bunch the inquiries and apply all in one day and maximize the earnings. I rotate our application sprees; this one goes back to my husband.

They are listed in priority order, mainly to make the most money in sign up bonuses, but also to spread the applications across different companies.

Credit Card Application List

  1. Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card. $500 sign up bonus from Chase. We don’t fly Southwest, but I want the $500 in Amazon gift cards for holiday shopping. This offer is for a limited time (it is scheduled to end tomorrow morning), so it’s my highest priority.
  2. Ink Bold Card. $500+ sign up bonus. I have an Ink Bold card, but my husband doesn’t have one yet, so it’s also a high priority, especially with the recently lowered spending requirement.
  3. Citi Thank You Preferred Card. $400 sign up bonus. I’m a big fan of the Citi cards with no annual fee and easy ways to convert the bonuses to cash. Citi changes their offers frequently, so I’m planning to scoop this one up quickly before it goes back down again!
  4. Chase Sapphire Preferred. The Chase Sapphire $400 sign up bonus is again near the top of my list since you can get it in the form of gift cards or a statement credit. I plan to keep applying for this card repeatedly until Chase cuts us off!
  5. US Bank FlexPerks. $175. You can redeem the sign up bonus of 17,500 FlexPoints for a $175 Statement Credit. I picked up a Flexperks card in my last application spree and it’s such an easy card to redeem the bonus on, it’s making the list for my husband.
  6. American Express Blue Cash Preferred. $150 sign up bonus. Since Amex is going to cap the grocery store spending at $6,000, I figured it’s time to pick up a second card so we can double dip on this card. The sign up bonus is a nice extra perk!
  7. Citi Forward Card. $100 sign up bonus. I want this card for the additional 5% cash back when shopping on Amazon, which will come in handy when my husband does all of his holiday shopping… on Amazon.
  8. Capital One $100 Sign Up Bonus. The $100 sign up bonus on this card is easy. As long as I’m on an application spree, it’s a good one to throw on the list!

More Application Spree Offers for Travelers

My application spree is a bit shorter this time, focused on the large bonuses (some which only show up this time of year for holiday spending). Here is a sneak peak at some upcoming Free Money Friday offers you’ll see in the next few weeks. If you are working on a similar application spree and have any travel planned, you might want to add these cards to your list:

Overall Value

The total for all of the sign up bonuses is: $2325. That should more than cover all of our holiday shopping. Thanks to all of the credit card companies for picking up the tab on all of my holiday shopping this year!

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