$1,800+ Fall Credit Card Application Spree

Posted by Madison on September 9, 2013

The kids are back in school! I finally have some time to prepare my next credit card application spree! It’s my husband’s turn for the applications since the last quick springtime application spree was mine. Here are the details from our previous application sprees over the past year.

Our fridge broke, so we needed to buy a new one. My goal for the application spree is to pay for our new fridge, which is being delivered later this week. We’re switching from a side-by-side to french doors, how exciting! I’m planning our fall application spree to pick up the following cards:

Credit Card Application List

  1. Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard $440 sign up bonus. I picked up this card and the $400 bonus (plus the $40 bonus on redemptions) and it was an easy one.
  2. Citi Dividend Platinum Select $100 cash back. My husband already has some of my favorite Citi cards (the Thank You Preferred and the Citi Forward), so we’re moving down the list to the dividend platinum card with the $100 sign up bonus.
  3. BarclayCard Rewards Mastercard $100 cash back. Barclaycard is fairly new to my application spree list, so I’m hoping they’ll let me pick up two cards at once for another $100.
  4. Cash Rewards $100 bonus cash reward. We don’t have too many of these cards, so I figure this will be an easy addition to our collection.
  5. Rewards MasterCard $120 cash back. Since I like cards that keep on giving when it comes to cash back, I’m planning to check out the new card that pays cash back just for paying the minimum on time to earn $120 cash back per year.
  6. Business Gold Card $500 sign up bonus. As our purchasing ramps up for the holidays for our Amazon business, we need an additional business card.
  7. U.S. Bank FlexPerks Business Travel Rewards $175 bonus. My husband picked up the personal version of this card during his last spree. I completed my last application spree by adding the business version and it worked flawlessly.
  8. Discover it. There’s no sign up bonus, but I want to be able to fully maximize the 5% Rotating Cash Rewards Credit Cards for holiday shopping in the 4th quarter for an extra $75!
  9. Capital One Quicksilver $100 sign up bonus. Another easy card to add to the list.
  10. Best Buy Credit Card. After a lot of research, we found Best Buy had the best deal on the fridge we want. And you get an extra 5% off if you use a best buy credit card. Another easy $100 there!

More Application Spree Offers for 0% Balance Transfers

In addition to the sign up bonuses, I always pick up a few cards for my credit card 0% balance transfer game. Here are the cards I plan to use for a few balance transfers expiring soon:

Overall Value

The total for all of the sign up bonuses is: $1810. That should just barely cover the cost of our new fridge!

More on Credit Card Application Sprees

If you're looking for a new credit card, be sure to check out our credit card directory!

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