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Finance Tips: The Best of Black Friday

Posted by Madison on November 29, 2013

Now that Black Friday begins on Thanksgiving, I don’t feel the need to wake up today at 3 am and go shopping. However, it’s still my favorite shopping day of the year. I think it’s actually more fun now that I get to sleep in a little longer and still score great deals. I’ve planned […]

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What Do You Really Want for Christmas?

Posted by Madison on November 27, 2013

Our holiday gift guide series continues this week with a fun twist… what people really want for Christmas! It’s fun to work on holiday gift lists for others, but let’s face it, the hardest person to make a list for is yourself. Especially as an adult, I find that when anyone asks me “What do […]

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What Time Will Stores Open For Black Friday Shopping?

Posted by Madison on November 25, 2013

Update: Check back soon and we’ll update this page with hours for this year! As part of our Black Friday shopping preparation, we need to know what time will stores open on Black Friday. However, the bigger question should really be: What time will stores open on Thanksgiving? Many stores are opening on Thursday night […]

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15 Great Gift Ideas for Couples

Posted by Kristen on November 19, 2013

Our holiday gift guide series continues! This week we’re featuring great gift ideas for couples this holiday season. A simple way to save money on that dauntingly long holiday shopping list is to combine recipients if you get the chance. If you will be buying for a couple this holiday season, you can buy them […]

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Can You Contribute to an IRA If You Don’t Have a Job?

Posted by Don on November 18, 2013

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the eligibility of contributing to a retirement account. I covered the topics of contributing to an IRA as a teenager and while you are in college. But what about if you are unemployed? Can you still contribute to a retirement account if you don’t have a job? As […]

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There were some great personal finance articles on the web this week, especially some on saving money whether on a wedding, a Kindle or booking flights! Photo Credit: Featured Finance Tip 17 Things That Will Push You From Middle Class To First Class – Not just money, but focus on happiness too. -Johnny Moneyseed […]

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Is Obamacare Free?

Posted by Amanda on November 13, 2013

On Halloween my husband was laid off. His job never gave us warm fuzzies in the job security department ever since two years ago when the company was bought out by another that buys companies and sells them at a profit. Over the last two years various people have been let go and fired, and […]

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10 Free Game Apps for Kids

Posted by Amanda on November 11, 2013

Do your kids love to play games on your phone, iPad, or other smart device? I’ve seen many kids doing this on their parents’ smartphones at the cash register in a store, while on a road trip, at home while they are cooking dinner, etc. While you may not want to have your own children […]

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We found some interesting articles on the web this week, ranging from how to not obsess about money to some thoughts on when to splurge. Let us know what you think! Announcements Are you a visual person? We found a fun new site with lots of great finance tips in visual bookmark form! Rockstar Finance […]

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Citi Thank You Preferred Card $300 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on November 8, 2013

The Citi ThankYou® Preferred Card just launched a new 30,000 point sign up bonus. This week’s Free Money Friday offer is from Citi for a $300 sign up bonus. Citi recently increased their bonus on this card from $200 to $300. How to Get Your Bonus Sign up for the Citi ThankYou® Preferred Card. Spend […]

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