There were some great personal finance articles on the web this week, especially some on saving money whether on a wedding, a Kindle or booking flights!

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17 Things That Will Push You From Middle Class To First Class – Not just money, but focus on happiness too. -Johnny Moneyseed

Finance Reads

7 New Wedding Trends That Could Save You Money on Your Reception – Anyone who is planning a wedding on a budget is going to appreciate this article! -MoneyCrashers

Kindle on a Budget – I was super excited to read this article because I love the Kindle app on my iPad but it definitely causes me to spend more money on books than I used to! – Lazy Man and Money

9 Insider Tips for Cheaper Flights – I have quite a few flights I need to book in the next couple of weeks so I’m hoping some of these tips can help me save money. -MoneyNing

How to Know if a Bank is Safe – In this low-interest rate environment, you may be tempted to jump to a bank that offers a higher rate of return on your cash. If so, read this first so that you know how to do your due diligence on any banks you’re unfamiliar with. -CashMoneyLife

5 Financial Beliefs I Thought Were Right But Turned Out to be Wrong – There are some really great points in here that I’m sure a lot of readers will agree with. -Three Thrifty Guys

11 Tax-Deductible Expenses During Business Trips – A great reminder for anyone who is self-employed. You’ll be thanking yourself for remembering these once tax time rolls around. -MoneySmartLife

Is the American Express Platinum Card worth the $699 Annual Fee? – Even though this won’t apply to everyone, I thought this article was a good read because it shows how you should evaluate a credit card’s annual fee vs. the benefits it offers depending on how likely you are to use them. -Million Dollar Journey

Checks and Balances: Getting Your Finances In Order to Buy a Home – A great read for anyone starting to think about buying a home. -GoGirl Finance

Festival Of Frugality – check out Kristen’s 35 Tips to Save Money on Food in the Festival of Frugality!

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