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What is the Mortgage Interest Deduction?

Posted by Don on October 16, 2012

The mortgage interest deduction is beneficial to many homeowners when they are filing their taxes. Even though many take this deduction, most don’t fully understand it. I am going to do my best to keep things simple as I explain the important aspects of the mortgage interest deduction as well as how to claim it […]

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Why You Should Tell Your Family About Your Debt

Posted by Kristen on October 15, 2012

When you are struggling with debt, it can be a very stressful and emotional time. Since I have been dealing with my student loan debt, I understand how overwhelming being in debt can be. Even though being in the red and struggling with money isn’t uncommon, it’s not something we like to talk about. Many […]

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There are lots of great articles this week about making, saving and investing money! Source: atoach Finance Reads 8 Things to Make Your Life Easier (and Cheaper) – A good list that covers a lot of different areas! -Three Thrifty Guys Making Extra Money During the Holidays – I’ll definitely be taking a look at some […]

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14 Ways to Save Money on Pets

Posted by Kristen on October 11, 2012

My dog is like a part of my family and a great companion, but he can also be a huge impact on my budget. Although they can bring us a lot of joy, the cost of a pet can really add up. And when you’re trying to save money or deal with your debt, it […]

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How to Handle a Financial Windfall

Posted by Nick on October 10, 2012

Financial windfalls: Big tax refund. Inheritance. (I’m sorry for your loss.) Winning the lottery. (Congratulations! Although playing in the first place should be done in moderation, if at all.) So, you’ve suddenly found yourself in a position of having a ton of money (to you, anyway) and don’t know what to do with it. Your […]

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Share Expenses with Friends to Cut Costs

Posted by Don on October 9, 2012

Living within your means is one of the key principles of being financially successful. While it is great to cut expenses from our budgets to save money, there is no way to cut 100% of our expenses out. There will always be something that we need to purchase in order to continue living the quality […]

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GoWallet App to Track Gift Cards

Posted by Madison on October 8, 2012

Anytime I can pick up gift cards with a nice discount or prepaid cards from a sign up bonus, I do. After the $3,000 Credit Card Application Spree, I redeemed lots of points for discounted gift cards with American Express Points and Chase Ultimate Rewards Points. In addition, I also have a bunch of American […]

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Finance Tips: How to Turn a Hobby Into a Business

Posted by Kate on October 7, 2012

Whether you’re in the midst of a job change, looking to maximize your potential or just wondering how other people are handling their finances, we have something for you in this week’s collection of personal finance articles! source: DonkeyHotey Finance Reads How to Turn a Hobby Into a Business – If you have the right […]

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16 Ways to Save on Gas

Posted by Kristen on October 4, 2012

Now that you know why gas prices rise and fall, it’s time to discuss how to save on gas. Whether you’re going on a road trip to save money on vacation or driving to work everyday, saving money on gas is on everyone’s mind. Nothing is more frustrating than stopping at the gas station, filling […]

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Why Do Gas Prices Rise and Fall?

Posted by Don on October 3, 2012

Earlier this spring, the cost of a gallon of gas was averaging close to $4 in the US. Analysts were predicting $5 gas this summer, followed by the sun burning out and the moon exploding. Ironically, none of this happened. During the early part of summer gas prices were steadily dropping. A barrel of oil […]

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