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Free Gift Cards from American Express Gift Chain

Posted by Madison on November 30, 2011

One of my favorite holiday shopping traditions was the old American Express Wishlist. Anyone remember it? Well, it’s back… sort of… in a new, and different form: the American Express Gift Chain. The gift chain is giving statement credits, gift cards, rewards points, shoprunner memberships, and more ranging from $2 to $500. Some of the […]

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2011 Gift Card Deals for Restaurants and Shopping

Posted by Jill on November 29, 2011

Update: See this year’s list of updated gift card deals! It’s shopping time again! And it’s time for the annual list of the best deals on restaurant and retail gift cards. Buy cards to give as gifts or to lock in a discount on your favorite chain restaurants. Use credit cards offering cash back on […]

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11 Cash Back Reward Sites for Your Holiday Shopping

Posted by Madison on November 25, 2011

Happy Black Friday! Did you get all your shopping done and pick up your Black Friday free stuff? Now it’s time to settle in at the computer to prepare for round two: the online shopping extravaganza! And in Free Money Friday spirit, I’m ranking the cash back programs in order of sign up bonuses so […]

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Discover Double Cash Back for Amazon Purchases

Posted by Kate on November 23, 2011

This one is for all of you Amazon lovers taking advantage of the countdown to Black Friday lightning deals! We’re continuing our holiday week full of Free Money online shopping offers. Discover is offering double cash back at Amazon for up to $250 in purchases! How to Get Your Double Cash Back Shop at during […]

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Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Posted by Amanda on November 22, 2011

Almost everyone is attempting to be more environmentally friendly at the office and at home. This is either because they are eco-conscious, or because they have realized that many eco-friendly products end up saving them money. However, many people do not like to make the initial “capital” costs for eco-friendly products. For example, it is […]

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Mastercard $20 Gift Card for Online Shopping

Posted by Madison on November 21, 2011

The incentive offers for online shopping are starting to stack up! And I’m loving it! We’re kicking off a fun filled holiday week of more Free Money, gift ideas, and plenty of online shopping cash back! Mastercard is offering $20 prepaid gift cards for online shopping this holiday season via their “Here’s To Moms” promotion. […]

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Citi Diamond $200 Credit for Online Shopping

Posted by Kate on November 17, 2011

UPDATE: This offer has expired. We’ve had a plethora of Free Money offers lately but this $200 offer from the Citi Diamond Preferred card may be one of the easiest and it’s just in time for the holidays! Enjoy the $200 from Citi as we continue our month long back-to-back Free Money offers. How to […]

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Create Memories with 6 Inexpensive Experience Gifts

Posted by Amanda on November 16, 2011

The holidays come and go each year along with a trail of gifts, wrapping paper, and beautiful bows. After all is said and done, few presents seem to last more than a year or so while memories last a lifetime. Creating memories with yourself, your significant other, your family, and friends is truly a priceless […]

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Cost Basis Reporting: Preparing for 2012

Posted by Madison on November 14, 2011

Our investment club just finished submitting all of our cost basis reporting to our broker, Scottrade. And to be honest, it wasn’t an easy task! Our treasurer spent hours on the task. If you’re like me, you’ve gotten a flurry of cost basis reporting requests from your brokers via email. And it’s about time I […]

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Nationwide Buxx $25 Sign Up Bonus x 5

Posted by Kate on November 10, 2011

Time for more Free Money! And since November is notoriously packed full of free money offers, we’ll be featuring back-to-back free money offers each week during November! Nationwide is offering a $25 bonus for those who open a Buxx Card! How to Get Your $25 Open a Buxx Card by 12/2/2011. Use offer code 02010029 […]

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