Nationwide Buxx $25 Sign Up Bonus x 5

Posted by Kate on November 10, 2011

Time for more Free Money! And since November is notoriously packed full of free money offers, we’ll be featuring back-to-back free money offers each week during November!

Nationwide is offering a $25 bonus for those who open a Buxx Card!

How to Get Your $25

  1. Open a Buxx Card by 12/2/2011.
  2. Use offer code 02010029 when you load $25 on the card.
  3. Your $25 bonus will be available on the Buxx Card within 2 weeks! And, the $5 activation fee is waived!

Nationwide Terms and Conditions

  • Bonus is limited to one per card.
  • Card is not a credit card & is not connected in any way to any other account.
  • Money on the card does not earn interest.
  • Card is not FDIC-insured.

More on the Buxx Card

What is a Buxx Card? The Buxx Card is designed for teens and works like a debit card but allows you to add funds online any time. You can even set up a variety of parental controls, such as setting weekly cash limits and receiving email notification detailing where and when your teen used the card. This sounds like a great Christmas gift for a teen or even a teacher or babysitter!

Fees. If you don’t use the card for 6 months, a $1 per month inactive fee will be charged. The ATM withdrawal fee is $1 and there’s a $2 fee for loading money onto the card in the future.

Multiple cards. It appears that you are limited to 5 cards; you need to enter your SSN and your child’s SSN when you register. That’s how the $25 sign up bonus x 5 is possible.

Load Card with a Credit Card. You can load the Buxx card with another credit card to earn cash back on the purchase.

Source: Curvesahead at Fatwallet.

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Comments to Nationwide Buxx $25 Sign Up Bonus x 5

  1. That code didn’t work for me. This is the error message I got: Cannot process request. The enrollment code 2010029 could not be found in our system. Please review and re-submit.

    I know the code is 02010029 but even though I entered that in the form twice the error message always drops the leading zero.


    • I’m wondering if the deal is already over. Bummer, it was working earlier.


    • Hi Kelly,

      I just tried to open an account and it went through without any problems at 4:15 pm CST, so I wonder why it isn’t working for you??


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