10 Free Game Apps for Kids

Posted by Amanda on November 11, 2013

Do your kids love to play games on your phone, iPad, or other smart device? I’ve seen many kids doing this on their parents’ smartphones at the cash register in a store, while on a road trip, at home while they are cooking dinner, etc. While you may not want to have your own children glued to a screen for too long, sometimes it just fills parents’ need for when they need to spend their time and energy doing something else.

If your kids have off school today or if you are planning on traveling over the upcoming holidays, free games are also a great Free or Cheap Holiday Resource.

Many online children’s games are not for entertainment purposes only. They also provide educational value, which is a win-win in my mind. I took a few hours to look around at the free children’s game apps being offered for download, and thought I would share 10 of them in case you find yourself in a situation where you need a few minutes to yourself. Please note, which games you choose will depend on your child’s age and your comfort level; not every game will be right for every child!

Free Game Apps for Kids

  1. Jurassic Park Builder: My husband is actually playing this as I type. He is up to owning 8 dinosaurs, and periodically I see him feed them, collect money from visitors to his park, and purchase new ones. This Sim City meets Jurassic Park. Here is the Android version and the iPhone version.
  2. Ruzzle: This is a fun word game that I play between my mother and grandmother, who both live several states apart. Basically you are given a screen with letters, and for two minutes you want to create as many words as possible by sliding your finger across letters that are right next to each other. It’s a lot of fun! Here is the Android version and the iPhone version.
  3. Robot Academy: The year on earth is 2050. In 2049, hostile aliens attempted to invade the planet. They were thwarted by robots who had graduated from the Robot Academy. Your mission is to take over the responsibilities of the Robot Academy and continue the work! Here is the Android version. Unfortunately, there is not an iPhone version; however, here is a similar free game called Hero Academy for the iPhone.
  4. Pretty Pet Salon: Manage a pet salon by interacting with customers, earning money, and grooming pets. Also, you can hire and manage employees as your business grows. Here is the Android version and the iPhone version (Asian edition).
  5. Megapolis: This is also like Sim City, where you get to build and manage your own megapolis. You manage the finances, design and develop things like airports, railway stations, and oil and gas mining. Here is the Android version and the iPhone version.
  6. Cake Maker Cooking Game: Use this app to decorate your own cake! Choose from different cake options, decorations, and creams. You can also share your cake via social media at the end. Here is the Android version and the iPhone version.
  7. Guess the Picture: There are over 300 pictures that you can take your turn at guessing what they are. You reveal the picture piece by piece, and then take guesses. Here is the Android version and the iPhone version.
  8. Duolingo: Trying to raise a bi-lingual or tri-lingual child? This is a great app that teaches the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. Here is the Android version and the iPhone version.
  9. Tetris: Tetris was a huge hit in our household after we got our first gaming system (Nintendo!). Even my father got in on the fun with us. It’s a game where you are given pieces of a puzzle and must build up a wall without allowing the wall to rise so high that you have no room to maneuver new pieces. Now you can have your traditional Tetris game for your child (or you…) on your iPhone and Android. Here is the Android version and the iPhone version.
  10. Angry Birds: Have you ever heard of Angry Birds? My husband first introduced me to it, showing me all of the various levels, pigs, and birds. It’s really turned into a cultural icon, even though it is quite quirky. In the original version (there are many, many extensions and variations for free in case you get hooked), a greedy group of pigs have stolen these poor birds’ eggs. Each bird has its own unique powers, and you use these to destroy the pigs (I told you it was quirky!). Here is the Android version and the iPhone version.

What are your favorite free children’s game apps (or free adult game apps)?  

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