10 Free Smartphone Apps to Save You Money

Posted by Amanda on April 29, 2013

I purchased a smartphone for the first time a year and a half ago after attending a personal financial conference where all of the other writers were running circles around me on social media and the like. As a writer myself, I realized that having one could be very helpful for me as well. However, the data package added an extra $40 (two gigabytes) onto my overall bill.

Over the last year and a half I got to thinking: wouldn’t it be neat if I could offset my data usage charges by downloading free apps that save me money in other areas? What a worthy goal! Below are ten apps that can help me, and you, in my quest.

Apps to Save You Money

  1. Gas Buddy: Use this free app to find the cheapest gas places around where you live or along your commute route to work. It is community-updated, and if you upload a gas price you get points towards a prize giveaway.
  2. Free WiFi: If you like to work outside of your house or office, you can use this free app to locate places with free WiFi (locally, and in over 140 countries). This app also provides driving directions to whichever WiFi spot you would like to go to. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  3. RedLaser: Use this app to scan in the barcode of something you are thinking about purchasing and compare prices online and locally. In other words, it does the comparison shopping for you!
  4. Airport Parking: This app will help you to find the cheapest parking available at over 100 airports in the United States and the UK. You can also use it to reserve parking at a location you find.
  5. Coupon Sherpa: This is a mobile coupon app where you can search and use coupons for retailers or products.  As long as the store has these capabilities, the cashier can scan the code straight from your smartphone. This app also works with your store loyalty cards, allowing you to upload manufacturer coupons. So no clipping involved!
  6. Key Ring: Instead of carrying around (or forgetting) your store loyalty cards, load them into this free app and keep them with you all the time. This also keeps track of your gift cards and health club card.
  7. RepairPal: If you’re like me, then you typically purchase “beater cars” instead of new ones. This means your car might come up with some interesting issues and problems. This app will help you estimate the amount of money the repair should cost, which means you can make sure you are getting an okay deal at the shop.
  8. Happy Hour: If you want to head out for a night on the town but are looking for cheap, happy hour deals, check this app out. There is information on over 275,000 places across 107 cities.
  9. Carticipate: Use this app to find a carpool located near you.  You can coordinate rideshares, car pools, and car plans with others. If you do carpool, make sure you see if your city is covered by the Nuride rewards program (and if so, sign up to earn reward points towards free gift cards!).
  10. Google Maps Navigation: Instead of purchasing a GPS, you can use your phone with this app. This includes voice navigation.

More Free Apps to Save You Money

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