Readers Share More Free Finance Apps

Posted by Madison on January 11, 2012

We haven’t talked about our favorite financial apps since about this time last year. Because there’s a new crop of tablet and smartphone users each year after the holidays (like my Uncle, who couldn’t wait to get his new Kindle Fire) it’s time to add to our lists of financial apps to check out and explore some of the new apps.

Here are some of the recommendations that readers suggested adding to our lists of favorite financial apps for your Android and iPad mobile devices. In addition, I added some of my favorite new free finance apps that I use almost daily.

More Free Finance Apps

  • PageOnce. The best way to get a consolidated view of your bank/credit card/investment accounts on your android phone is with pageonce and their mobile app “Personal Finance”. The site is an aggregator like yodlee or mint, and the mobile app shows you your balances on one screen (as well as transactions, etc). – Cecil_t & Cory
  • Wikinvest Portfolio. My favorite Android Finance app – the Wikinvest Portfolio app. It allows me to link to my investment portfolio on optionshouse, zecco and schwab and view all of the holdings I have in once place! -Lisa
  • Sharebuilder and ING. I like sharebuilder’s App. I would also like to see a real ING app. – Evan (ING only had an atm finder when Evan left a comment, they’ve since added a real ING app!)
  • Expensify. Expensify is another good android app, it lets you take pictures of receipts with your phone and sends it to their website where you can categorize the receipt and create an expense report. – Cecil_t
  • Mobile Fuelly. While hasn’t come out with an actual app yet, their mobile version is popular: has a small mobile site that lets you enter your mileage and refueling information from your phone. You can then go to their full site to see graphs showing how your car has been performing over time, how you are doing compared to your average, and how your car compares to others. Besides giving you an early warning that something may be wrong, there have been times when I thought my car was performing poorly and got really bad mileage, only to see that, no, it’s still all good. Possibly saved me from wasting money on a tune-up (although I’ll need one anyway in a few months) -Rassah
  • Paypal. Multiple readers suggested the paypal app. If you’re a heavy user of paypal, it sounds like it works well.
  • Schwab. There is a feature that makes this one of my most used apps: the mobile check deposit. You just snap a picture of the front and back of your check and it’s deposited into your bank account. This has to be one of the best uses of technology for personal banking! If your bank doesn’t have this feature yet, you might want to contact them and request it!
  • Vanguard. The Vanguard app doesn’t really do anything special, but since it’s my favorite place to hold a good chunk of our investments, it’s an must have for Vanguard investors.

I’m still waiting for a Quicken app to sync with my desktop Quicken, but since Moneydance rolled out the HandyBank for Android app to sync with their desktop personal finance software, I am seriously considering a switch!

What other finance apps are you using on your new tablets and smartphones?

More Finance Apps

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Comments to Readers Share More Free Finance Apps

  1. I suggest ONEVIEW, offered by Smith Barney.

    EN G

  2. I used to use MondyDance but switched to I have been using it for over a year and love that it is a free software as a service solution and pulls in all my investment, banking and credit card accounts allowing me to set budgets, alerts, etc and has apps for mobile and iPad as well as accessible from any where I have internet access. Before MoneyDance I was a long time Quicken and Microsoft Money user.



  3. PageOnce is okay if you just need summary numbers and to view transactions. I’ve been complaining about a bug they finally fixed… which was about going to the right sub-account. is great. Its awesome for budgets and adding/reviewing transactions.


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