5 Helpful Android and iPhone Tax Apps

Posted by Madison on January 26, 2011

Tax apps. Technology never ceases to amaze me. My husband’s younger siblings run their entire lives on their iPhones, so it’s only natural that the younger generation will also prepare their taxes on their smartphones. And that year has arrived; the first tax filing app is now available!

In my quest to appear young and cool to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law in their early 20s, I decided to download all the hot tax apps on my Android phone and see which ones are actually helpful for your tax preparation.

Of course, when I tell them I did this, they’ll remind me that the pure fact that I was checking out tax apps, will make me uncool and old.

5 Tax Apps to Check Out

I downloaded every single tax app I could find. Here are the tax apps I found helpful.

  • Snap Tax. From TurboTax. Use your phone to take a picture of your W2 form. You can actually file a simple 1040EZ tax return using this app if you have no dependents and an income less than $80,000. I tried to file one of my kids tax returns using SnapTax to see how it works. It offers an efile option and a paper file option. The picture function was impressive. I assumed that the return on the tax app would sync with my Turbo Tax account, so that you can use the picture function to load all of your W2s and 1099s. But that wasn’t the case, which was disappointing, as it would be a fast way to load all of your data. This app is free to play with; when you’re finished you’ll need the TurboTax SnapTax Filing Key to file for $14.99. For the iPhone and Android.
  • IRS2Go. This simple IRS tax app is to check on your tax refund status. To check your refund status you’ll need your SSN, filing status and refund amount. The app also includes an option to subscribe to tax tips by email. Free; for iPhone and Android.
  • Tax Caster. Another tax app from TurboTax. The Turbotax estimator is a fun tax estimator. My favorite part is the recommendation on the bottom of the app for which TurboTax software you need, as it’s always a common question people have. It changed from the SnapTax app to TurboTax Premier to Home and Business as I added additional pieces of income. However, I wish you could somehow integrate your answers with your TurboTax software. Free; for iphone and android.
  • H&R Block Tax Central. The H&R Block tax app consists of a tax estimator, help center, checklist and quiz. The estimator is fun to play with using the sliding bars, but the instant answers section needs some work. It found a couple routine answers to questions I asked, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. The checklist tool is handy, as almost everyone forgets a piece of information when they begin their taxes. It also includes a tax quiz, which, to be honest, is a little strange. You can email yourself the results of the tax estimator in text form, but the integration with the H&R tax software I was hoping for again, wasn’t there. Free; for iPhone and Android.
  • Shoeboxed. Here’s the modern answer to the shoebox full of receipts. Take pictures of your receipts and the data is extracted and verified by humans. The app integrates with your online Shoeboxed account. 30 day free trial; for iPhone tax app only. Now if only they’d develop an Android version so I can have it too without having to borrow a friend’s iPhone!

There were also plenty of tax apps that I downloaded that were a waste of time, including many of the tax calculator apps. I won’t bore you with the details of those.

Since this is the first year that filing using a tax app is available, I expect a lot more to come in the future, and the Turbo tax apps are clearly the frontrunners.

If you find other helpful tax apps, let me know!

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Comments to 5 Helpful Android and iPhone Tax Apps

  1. If I filed on the 18th and the WMR sight still says feb 7 is it possible for me to get it on the 1st


  2. filed our taxes 2/6; electronically. was suppose to be the fastest way. To this date, still do not have tax refund. When checking “where’s my refund” status states, have your taxes and being processed. 7 wks has gone by and STILL NO TAXES.


  3. I filed on Feb 2. It is now April 25th. I have waited over 11 weeks and still nothing. I did receive a review letter which I really don’t understand because I live on a pension that is too small to be taxed. All info was taken from gov’t. RailroadRetirementBoard RRB 1099 form. Tax from booklet. I’ve had the same name, address, ss#, and single filing status. I’ve filed as a retiree for at least the last 3yrs before this. Is there nothing we can do?


  4. We filed are taxes feb 1st it’s now March 19th and still nothing. This is crap! IRS website says our taxes have been received and are being processed are H&R block guy said it would likely be here by Friday or earlier and they are probably auditing us! Although we haven’t recieved a letter confirming this as others have said they have. So frustrating!

    Katie Hall

  5. Im mad as hell did my taxes on jan.29,13 still no check ors is still processing on march 22,13 whats really going on when I call jackson hewitt I hear the same story I need some answers,,,,,,,


  6. icalled irs mailed mine in the last part of january they said that this year there will be more audits on tax payers thats why there is a delay in some tax returns . more likey if you waited a while you will be audited


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