Updates on My Wallet, Penfed CDs, and FIA Billpay

Posted by Madison on January 20, 2011

I found my wallet! Just as I suspected, our daughter hid it. This time, she figured the laundry room was a great hiding place; at least it wasn’t the trash!

Now, I’m tempted to put one of those Little Buddy tracking devices on both my keys and my wallet for the future! Then, every time I lose one of them, I’d use the pay per use feature for $.99.

After losing my wallet, I’d happily pay a dollar to find it right away!


5% Penfed CDs. Remember this deal? My 5% CD at Pentagon Federal successfully funded last week. Did anybody else have success on qualifying for the CD?

Free Federal Tax Software. Tomorrow is the deadline for the H&R Block Free Federal Premium Tax Filing.

FIA Billpay Ending. Don’t forget the FIA billpay is ending February 12, 2011. If you pay your mortgage automatically with your credit card, don’t forget to reschedule it!




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