H&R Block Free Federal Premium Tax Filing

Posted by Madison on January 14, 2011

H&R Block is hooking up readers with free federal tax filing today.

It’s our Free Money Friday deal this week!

H&R Block gave me six free activation codes for the Federal Premium version, so I’m giving them away to readers.

How to Get Free H&R Block Codes

  1. Leave a comment below by Friday January 21, 9 am CST.
  2. In your comment, tell me what you hate most about taxes!
  3. I’ll email the winners (drawn randomly) with the H&R Block codes.

More on H&R Block at Home

You probably remember the tax software, TaxCut. In case you missed it, H&R Block changed the name from TaxCut to H&R Block at Home.

I happily used TaxCut for many years before I started my tax preparation business and switched to professional software.

H&R Block Code Terms and Conditions

  • Each key code is a one-use code.
  • The product is the Federal Premium version, valued at $49.95.
  • The codes are valued at $55 each which should also cover sales tax for the redeemer.
  • Entering the key code will “wipe out” $55 from the total owed. (The total might also include the cost of one or more state filings which would cost additional fees.) Each state filing is $34.95.

Why You Hate Taxes

Tell Me Why You Hate Taxes. Even if you don’t need the H&R Block codes for tax filing, let us know why you hate taxes! I hope to feature the comments in a future post.

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Comments to H&R Block Free Federal Premium Tax Filing

  1. What do I hate most about taxes? Gathering all the paperwork… manually entering crap…. seriously, since things (W2, I9s, etc) are transmitted to the IRS, why is there no central clearing house where a taxpayer can import ALL his / her data into things like HRBlock.com and then classify things from there?


  2. The part I hate the most is keeping all the paperwork, receipts, etc all together each year and then having to file it away for 7 years! As organized as I try to be, it seems every year there is one donation receipt or something similar that I’m scrambling to find so we can file our taxes accurately. Would love to win a free filing!!


  3. What I truly dislike is that I do lots of consulting work as an educator and have dozens of 1099’s and related expenses. Makes the federal taxes extra long (not hard, just long) to do.


  4. What I hate most about taxes is not the process of filing itself, but rather what they amount to, and what they enable. Taxes have become a way for the government to redistribute wealth (via various credits), and to fund so many bloated government agencies, programs and bailouts (GM – Government Motors). For some reason the power base in Washington believes that they know better than you how YOUR money should be allocated and spent.


  5. What I hate most about taxes is how complicated they are – trying to make sure that I found all the deductions especially since I have 2 in college. Then of course realizing at the end how much money I turn over to Washington DC and NY to waste.


  6. What I hate most about taxes is AMT. And knowing how much of my money is going to finance fraud and wasteful programs.


  7. What I hate most about taxes?

    Only the paperwork that is involved. it is just too much to do and maintain…and i always wander what happens to the paper reduction act.

    Love the refunds!


  8. Is there anything to like about taxes (other than receiving a refund and not having to pay)? What I hate most about taxes (and I am an accountant) is the manual effort required to file multiple-state return forms & sub-schedules…especially when you end up owing one state and have to pay another.


    • I meant: “especially when you end up owing one state and getting a refund from another.”


  9. I don’t like takes since the middle and lower class citizens are more taxed and more burdened with life’s expenses than those in the upper classes so why make it harder to survive and pay expenses. We are no longer FREE from taxation which is destroying the average American and creating more anxiety than it should. Our Government leaders need to live as we do so they can understand the REAL ISSUES. Unbelieveable!

    Meredith Hunt

  10. How complicated they are. I always end up making a judgement call on at least a couple entries. That’s not a good feeling.


  11. I hate taxes because they fund a government that places their own interests ahead of what is best for the country and its people. How can a individual spend millions of dollars to get elected to a position that pays little, in comparison, unless it is to benefit themselves or their special interest groups at the expense of the taxpayer.

    David Heller

  12. Hate is a strong word..I am not a big fan of the filing process!!

    Bill Kaiser

  13. I don’t mind doing taxes per se but what I don’t like about them is that its not always straight- forward enough and if you are not well informed you will leave money on the table.

    Bee Kay

  14. That they change the rules at the 12th hour and I always have to wait till April to file. I just want them out of my life.


  15. How many receipts, from how many places must be found before the self-employed, right-brained artist can figure out his situation and we can work on the taxes. It seems as if there ought to be a faster system to all of this? Never mind the political problems of taxes, we just hope the marriage survives another go around.


  16. I never seem to be able to find the right pieces of paper to do the job, even if I think I have saved them — diligently — all year in one or two folders.


  17. Madison,
    Leigh Mutert with H&R Block here. There seems to be a recurring theme about paperwork. @jdmitch brings up an interesting point about a centralized database to simplify the process. I also like @Patrick’s comment about filing more than one state return. Preparing state returns always feels like a folk-art since each state has its own rules. And as he points out, even accountants find challenges with taxes! Good luck, everyone.

    Leigh Mutert

  18. I hate that there is no way for ALL taxpayers to e-file for free when I’m saving the IRS a bunch of paperwork handling by doing so. I know the major tax prep software makers increased their price in the past years to include the e-filing fee as standard (and “complimentary”), but it’s the principle of the thing.

    Ditto for electronic payments, which can only be made by credit or debit card at an additional fee. Surely there is a way to facilitate an free EFT deduction from my bank account? I only write this one check a year and have to hunt down a stamp. As if paying taxes didn’t already suck enough.

    Keenie Beanie

  19. I dislike them so much because they are so confusing to file, and it leads me to think that the gov’t is trying to pull one over on me!

    Chris Darland

  20. What I hate most about taxes?

    Here’s one: The IRS already knows where some of my revenue comes from like paycheck, bank dividends etc., why make me enter it again?


    • Well, you are welcome to wait a few years and let IRS prepare an income tax return for you. If you owe money, then you will be billed, but if you are overpaid, it will be too late for a refund. Sigh.


  21. What I hate the most about the taxes is that I must pay for the privilege of paying taxes. I must pay taxes, but on top of that I must spend time on preparing them, I must pay an accountant, I must figure out all the insane complications of the tax code and if I forget something – they will make me to pay for that too. But if they screw up something and I have to spend time and money again to prove I am not at fault – the most I could hope for is “ok, fine, you’re in the clear, for now”.
    They require everybody to report every step and every asset, they must know about every dollar you ever had, every job, every account, every transaction, they have almost totalitarian knowledge and control over all finances and records – and at the end, you still have to work hard to prove them you’re a honest man. Amount of money and effort spend on this baloney every year is astonishing and depressing.


  22. I hate trying to figure out what needs to be split between states. This year we (husband and I)have had a lot of medical expesnses and we hope to claim them…..

    Ugggh… taxes!!!


  23. Thanks for the giveaway! Like several comments here, I dislike the paperwork that I need to collect before filing a tax return.

    Wealthy Immigrant

  24. I hate that low income filers are gouged by professional preparers to file their returns.


  25. What I hate most about taxes, you ask?

    The fact that what gets taxed come and go based on the whim of politicians, and the fact that my taxes get used to bail out companies that do not deserve it.


  26. I hate that I don’t have
    all my paper work when my
    appointment comes.

    Campbell, Kathy

  27. Its too complicated to work out w/ some many deductions to workout that you need software.


  28. I hate that I have to wait so long to claim the adoption credit. They should allow for an advance on it so I’m not out all the cash for a year. BTW, What software are you using for your tax prep business?


  29. I don’t like the complexity of preparing taxes.


  30. What I hate most about taxes?

    Paying them.


  31. What do I hate most about taxes? That when they say “pay your fair share” – it’s not the same (%) for everyone, regardless of what you make. (Yes, I’m in favor of a flat tax or fair tax).

    Why can’t Joe who makes $50K a year pay the same percentage as Jill who makes $150K a year? Why is that so complicated?

    Derek Epperson

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