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Updates on My Wallet, Penfed CDs, and FIA Billpay

I found my wallet! Just as I suspected [1], our daughter hid it. This time, she figured the laundry room was a great hiding place; at least it wasn’t the trash!

Now, I’m tempted to put one of those Little Buddy tracking devices [2] on both my keys and my wallet [3] for the future! Then, every time I lose one of them, I’d use the pay per use feature for $.99.

After losing my wallet, I’d happily pay a dollar to find it right away!


5% Penfed CDs. Remember this deal? My 5% CD at Pentagon Federal [4] successfully funded last week. Did anybody else have success on qualifying for the CD?

Free Federal Tax Software. Tomorrow is the deadline for the H&R Block Free Federal Premium Tax Filing [5].

FIA Billpay Ending. Don’t forget the FIA billpay is ending February 12, 2011. If you pay your mortgage automatically with your credit card [6], don’t forget to reschedule it!




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