This Month’s Most Popular Finance Tips: May

Posted by Madison on May 31, 2014

This month was really busy, between buying gift cards, finding ways to make extra cash, guiding new grads on investing, maximizing the Citi bonus, getting free stuff at drugstores, and saving money studying abroad. In case you missed some of the most popular finance tips this month, here’s a recap:

This Month’s Most Popular Tips: May

9 Quick Ways to Make Extra Cash. Amanda shared ideas to inspire you to earn extra money! She included some fun phone apps I’d never heard of before!

How to Earn 8.5% Buying Visa Gift Cards Online. Did you score some of the $200 Visa gift cards?

How to Get Free Products at CVS and Walgreens. Everyone loves free stuff! Find out how Amanda picks up free stuff at drugstores.

Investment Advice for New College Graduates. Don put together a great guide to help new graduates start managing their investments. However, it’s also a solid resource for any beginner!

How to Maximize the Value of Your $500 Citi Premier Card Bonus. I worked through the math to find the best way to squeeze out the biggest bonus on this card. I just finished our spending requirements for the first year and I was really happy to calculate we’ll see a total profit on the sign up bonus of this card of $525.

How to Save Money While Studying Abroad. If you are planning to study abroad soon, you’ll want to review Kristen’s tips for saving money while studying abroad.

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