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This Month’s Most Popular Finance Tips: May

This month was really busy, between buying gift cards [1], finding ways to make extra cash [2], guiding new grads on investing [3], maximizing the Citi bonus [4], getting free stuff at drugstores [5], and saving money studying abroad [6]. In case you missed some of the most popular finance tips this month, here’s a recap:

This Month’s Most Popular Tips: May

9 Quick Ways to Make Extra Cash [2]. Amanda shared ideas to inspire you to earn extra money! She included some fun phone apps I’d never heard of before!

How to Earn 8.5% Buying Visa Gift Cards Online [1]. Did you score some of the $200 Visa gift cards?

How to Get Free Products at CVS and Walgreens [5]. Everyone loves free stuff! Find out how Amanda picks up free stuff at drugstores.

Investment Advice for New College Graduates [3]. Don put together a great guide to help new graduates start managing their investments. However, it’s also a solid resource for any beginner!

How to Maximize the Value of Your $500 Citi Premier Card Bonus [4]. I worked through the math to find the best way to squeeze out the biggest bonus on this card. I just finished our spending requirements for the first year and I was really happy to calculate we’ll see a total profit on the sign up bonus of this card of $525.

How to Save Money While Studying Abroad [6]. If you are planning to study abroad [7] soon, you’ll want to review Kristen’s tips for saving money while studying abroad.

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