Replace Cable with Sling TV to Save $850 Per Year

Posted by Madison on February 16, 2017
Cutting cable or switching to a lower cost provider is a great way to save money.

We finally got rid of cable and replaced it with Sling TV. We’ve talked about How to Get Rid of Cable and Still Watch TV for years, but ran into stumbling blocks, mainly for sports related programming.

Cutting cable or switching to a lower cost provider is a great way to save money.

Here’s how we made the switch to Sling TV, without giving up our favorite cable channels and sports networks.

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is a streaming service. You can watch live shows and sports (which was a requirement at our house) for a fraction of the cost of regular cable or satellite service. In addition, you are not locked into a contract.

Cost. The Sling service is free for the first 7 days. After the first free week, the cheapest Sling TV package is $20 per month. There are various packages, based on the channels you want.

What device do you need? You’ll need a device to access the Sling TV app. We are watching on a Roku. But you can also use Amazon Fire TV players, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox or other compatible devices.

Free Roku Express. If you don’t already have a device, there’s a Sling offer for a free Roku Express when you prepay for two months of Sling TV.

Sling Sports. Depending on which Sports channel you watch, you can pick a different Sling package. See all the Sling TV Sports channels and packages.

Other Inexpensive Streaming Services

In addition to Sling TV, we have added a few inexpensive complements to Sling TV to fill in some of the gaps that Sling TV doesn’t have:

Netflix. Netflix is still our go-to for movies, kids programming, and binge watching various series.

Amazon. We watch very little on the Amazon app, but since we already have a Prime membership there’s no additional cost.

Extra Sports. During football season we rely on the Big Ten Network, which isn’t included in Sling TV. There was an option from our local cable provider for a streaming alternative, ours was $20 per month for online access.

Network Apps. Most of the major networks have their own free app. If you don’t have an option for easy over the air access for local channels, you can watch your favorite shows on the ABC or NBC app for free. However, you can’t skip the commercials on these apps!

What about Internet and Phone Bundles?

Most of the cable service providers in our area offer a three service package bundle with phone, TV and internet. If you need internet and phone they make it very difficult to get the stand alone services at a good price point.

For inexpensive phone service, we use ooma. We switched to an ooma six years ago. Here’s an old review of Our Ooma Phone.

We pay $40 per month for internet. This rate was obtained through the “call and ask for a lower rate” method!

Annual Savings

Our average monthly bill for cable or satellite (we often used to flip back and forth for the introductory pricing) was $102. And it was creeping up.

Now we pay $31 a month for Netflix and Sling TV! We’re saving $852 per year without giving up any of our favorite shows or channels!

Stack the Savings

Better Balance Savings. Netflix is a perfect recurring charge to put on the Better Balance card. See How to Automatically Earn $120 Every Year from the Better Balance Rewards Card.

Cash back. We put our Sling TV charges on our Chase Ink card to earn 5% Cash Rewards.

Have you cut the cord on cable yet? What is holding you back?

More Ways to Save on TV

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