9 Great Ways to Maximize Savings at Costco

Posted by Amanda on February 17, 2014

I am not a Costco member. Nor do I hold a membership at any of the other warehouse clubs. We used to shop at them when I was a kid, and I loved the products that they had. In my early 20s I went ahead and signed up for a membership, but since it was […]

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This week’s Featured Deal from American Express offers some great cash back opportunities and an awesome sign-up bonus! For a limited time you can get a $250 statement credit after qualifying purchases on an American Express SimplyCash Business card. How to Get Your Bonus Sign up for the SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express OPEN. […]

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Free and Cheap Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Posted by Kristen on February 13, 2014

This Valentine’s Day, skip the pricey roses, expensive dinner out, and overpriced box of chocolate. You can celebrate with your significant other for cheap or even for free. Here are some ways to save on Valentine’s Day this year. Photo Credit: mozzercork Free or Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Significant Other Homemade baked goods. […]

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Tips and Tricks for Planning Credit Card Application Sprees

Posted by Madison on February 12, 2014

Application sprees are one of the components in my Obsession with Extreme Credit Carding. While it’s definitely not for everyone, I think it’s a fun challenge to organize and execute. I find the payoff is worth my time and effort… my $1,800 application spree last fall got us a fantastic new fridge in our kitchen! […]

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How to Get Rid of Cable and Still Watch TV

Posted by Adrienne on February 11, 2014

Back in 2010 my family made the decision to cut the cord and cancel our cable. This is not because we weren’t watching TV. Although the kids have limits to their total screen time, every member of our family was watching some TV each day. Our initial motivation to cancel our cable was money. At […]

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How to Keep Your Information Safe During Tax Season

Posted by Kristen on February 10, 2014

Almost everyone files taxes, and there’s no way around it. It probably has become second nature by now since you do it every year. But unfortunately, it is also a risky time for your identity. Between receipts, W-2, 1099s, and other tax documents being sent to your home in addition to filing the taxes themselves, […]

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Who Can Take Your Tax Refund?

Posted by Amanda on February 6, 2014

Now that you can begin to file your taxes, focus immediately shifts to how long it takes to get your tax refund. How Long Can the IRS Hold Your Tax Refund? The short answer to this question is: indefinitely. If, that is, you owe certain kinds of debts. Let’s say you are the type of […]

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How I Made $50,000 Selling on Amazon Last Year

Posted by Madison on February 5, 2014

The numbers are in and for the second year in a row, my experiment selling on Amazon is proving to be a successful side gig. Last year, our Amazon business generated $50,000 in total profits! Not bad at all for a business that just started out as a side project that I wanted to test […]

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What are the Differences Between FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs?

Posted by Amanda on February 4, 2014

I didn’t really see the need to figure out the difference between these three health accounts until my husband lost his job. Suddenly, I was quite interested in what was going to happen to the $1200+ or so that was in our Health Reimbursement Accounts. When I learned that we would not have access to […]

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10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Posted by Amanda on February 3, 2014

Do you have a happy Valentine’s Day memory? Chances are your memory does not stem from the amount of money that someone spent on what they gave you or did for you, but rather the thought, care, and emotion that they put into your gift. Let’s recreate the elements that made that time memorable for […]

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