Free and Cheap Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Posted by Kristen on February 13, 2014

This Valentine’s Day, skip the pricey roses, expensive dinner out, and overpriced box of chocolate. You can celebrate with your significant other for cheap or even for free. Here are some ways to save on Valentine’s Day this year.


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Free or Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

  1. Homemade baked goods.
  2. Skip the store bought card. Write them an honest letter telling them why you love them, what makes them special, your favorite memories with them, why you appreciate them, and how they make your life better by being in it. It will definitely be more appreciated than a card.
  3. A picture frame with your favorite photo or photo book.
  4. Many times, you might already have a program on your computer where you can make movies with photos and videos you have. If not, you may be able to find a program you can download were you can make a movie. Just be sure it is safe before downloading it.
  5. Make a slide show of all of the great photos you have together.
  6. For beer lovers, grab a chocolate stout for a fun alternative to chocolate.
  7. For wine lovers, a wine stopper and affordable bottle will be appreciated.
  8. Heart shaped cookie cutters are great for making heart shaped cookies, pancakes, brownies, or even pizza dough.
  9. Make a rule that you will not spend over a certain amount of money on each other. You’d be surprised how interesting it gets if you put a low limit. Sometimes the best gifts cost next to nothing.
  10. Those homemade coupons are always a nice addition. Make them worthwhile by adding things you know your spouse will love such as chores they hate or something they have been wanting you to do.
  11. Use your talents to make them something. Play an instrument or sing? Play a song. Are you a good cook? Make them some homemade candy or something they love.

Free or Cheap Things To Do Together on Valentine’s Day

Now that you saved money on your gift this year, you’ll need to figure out what you are going to do to celebrate. Instead of going to a dinner and a movie, there are plenty of other creative things you can do that can cost you very little or even nothing. Get creative, and you can have a free Valentine’s Day. Here are some cheap or even free, fun, romantic things you can do this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Make a romantic dinner for your significant other. Set the mood with a romantic playlist and candles you already have on hand. You can even make it more special by decorating with your nicest table cloth and other fancier serving dishes.
  2. Better yet, make dinner together. Find a recipe neither one of you has ever tried before. It will be nice to work together to make something. Or you can recreate a romantic meal you once shared or a meal you had on a trip.
  3. Watch a romantic movie together. What was the first movie you watched as a couple? Or the first movie you went on a date to see? Search for movies that are playing on TV that you can simply record, and watch for free. Head to the library to borrow a movie.
  4. Watch each other’s favorite movies. Find a movie that you love that your significant other has not seen. You can each share something that you love with the other person.
  5. Go through old notes, cards, and photos together. If you keep past items, this is a great time to reminisce and go through it all.
  6. Have a night with no technology. Put aside the cell phone, TV, and all of the other digital distractions. Give your spouse your full attention.
  7. Find a free concert or free live music. You can find a free concert by checking out events at local colleges, the library, park district, or even local restaurants or bars. For the price of a drink or appetizer, you can get an evening of entertainment.
  8. Volunteer together. Find a good organization one or both of you is passionate about.
  9. Find a free wine tasting. Check out local liquor stores and wine stores.
  10. Borrow a movie from the library for free.
  11. Head to the bowling alley or arcade to channel the kid in you.
  12. Have a board game night. Break out the old fashioned games and play.
  13. Explore a new neighborhood.
  14. Have a spa night complete with a relaxing massage.
  15. If weather permits, head out for a picnic with an inexpensive bottle of wine and some homemade snacks.
  16. Too cold for an outdoor picnic? Have one in the living room. Lay out a blanket. Have the basket next to you. You can talk about all of the fun things you’ll do together once it is warm outside.
  17. If weather permits, head out for a nice long stroll.
  18. Take a mini-road trip to a nearby city. You can search or Groupon for deals on a restaurant.
  19. If you have home movies together, pop some popcorn and put them on.
  20. Instead of going out to dinner, just go out for dessert.
  21. Make breakfast in bed.
  22. Stroll through a gourmet market, and try all of the samples together.
  23. Find a theatre that plays second-run movies. Head out for the matinee, which should only cost a few dollars.
  24. Bake something together.
  25. Head to the Farmer’s Market for inspiration on what to make for dinner. If it is too cold outside, find an indoor Farmer’s Market instead.
  26. Find a free museum in your area. Even museums that have an admission cost often offer free days or reduced admission on specific days.
  27. Start a new hobby together. Have you both wanted to learn a new language or start practicing yoga? What better day to start than Valentine’s Day?

How are you saving money this Valentine’s Day? What are some free things you can do together as a couple? What are affordable gift ideas?

More Cheap Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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