Are You Making Any of These Excuses For Not Saving Money?

Posted by Kristen on January 15, 2014

When the topic turns to saving money, people often have a reason why they are not saving. They may be true or they may just be excuses, but the fact is there is usually an explanation of why it truly isn’t a valid reason. Here are some common reasons people give for not saving. Photo […]

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What Happens If You Don’t Make Estimated Tax Payments?

Posted by Amanda on January 14, 2014

There has been a huge change to our household this year that goes far beyond a change in taxes: I quit my day job in January and started working for myself. Though this decision was drastic, I did not make it on my own, nor did I make it with complete disregard to our financial […]

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How to Stick to Your New Resolution While Saving Money

Posted by Kristen on January 13, 2014

Now is the time to wave goodbye to last year, remembering all of the wonderful memories we made and learning from any mistakes we may have made throughout the year. Like many others, you may have created your New Year’s Resolutions to make this year even better than last year. Most of the time, whether […]

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Wells Fargo 5% Cash Back Credit Card

Posted by Madison on January 10, 2014

This week’s Featured Deal is for those of you who are always on the lookout for 5% cash back at the grocery store with unlimited potential! This week we’re taking a look at the Wells Fargo Cash Back card which pays 5% cash rewards on gas, grocery, and drugstore purchases for 6 months. If you […]

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How to Calculate Return on Investment

Posted by Don on January 9, 2014

Many people use the return on investment calculation to determine how well their investments are performing. The benefit of the return on investment (ROI) calculation is that it is very simple to understand and to complete. It is also beneficial because it gives meaning when someone tells you they earned $5,000 on an investment. But […]

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A search online asking the question “should I pay off debt or invest” is going to yield thousands of results, each with their own opinion on what is the best choice. (OK, I just googled it and there are over 26 million results.) Sadly, if you look at them all, you will not come to […]

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In 2013 there was a huge change to the way that domestic partners are allowed to file their taxes. Prior to this date, the federal government did not recognize domestic partners as being married for either legal or tax purposes. However, some states did recognize domestic partners as being married for legal and tax purposes, […]

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Kroger 25¢ Per Gallon Gas Savings Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on January 3, 2014

Do you shop at Kroger? If so, this week’s Featured Deal may be just for you! Readers have mentioned the Kroger card as a way to save money on gas many times, so we figured we should take a look. Right now Kroger is offering 25¢ off per gallon of gas with the 1-2-3 REWARDS® […]

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My husband and I were in a rut last year. Not a marriage rut, though I am sure over the course of a lifetime together we will have a few of those in our future. But rather a television-routine rut: go to work, come home, turn on the television for background noise while cooking dinner, […]

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Are You Focused on Today or Tomorrow?

Posted by Don on December 31, 2013

Are you focused on today or tomorrow? This year or next year? The reason I ask this question is because of the difference in thinking between wealthy people and non-wealthy people. I’ve read plenty of books on the subject of wealthy people and the throughout all of them, there seems to be one underlying theme: […]

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