8 Ways to Save on Moving Costs

Posted by Kristen on April 23, 2014

Moving is an emotional rollercoaster. In many cases, it’s exciting and joyous if you’re moving somewhere you are happy to be living. It can also be intimidating and nerve wracking if you’re moving because of a new job or moving to a new place where you aren’t familiar with the area or know anyone. Moving […]

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Free Gift Cards from Recycle Bank

Posted by Madison on April 22, 2014

It’s Earth Day! To celebrate, I went through all of our articles from the last six years to find the most popular article that combines a green lifestyle and financial rewards. For long time readers, remember when we introduced RecycleBank a few years ago? And for new readers, have you heard of ReclycleBank? Here’s a […]

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13 Free Ways to Reduce Stress

Posted by Kristen on April 21, 2014

As wonderful as it is, life can get pretty rough sometimes. Between dealing with work, finances, personal relationships, and the everyday stresses of life, things can get difficult. Sadly, it could be somewhat of a vicious cycle, too. Often, when we’re stressed, we might feel like we need to go shopping for some retail therapy, […]

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Even with tax time behind us, we found some great finance reads out there this week on taxes, travel, retirement and more! Featured Finance Tip Wealth Strategy: Track Your Net Worth – I have to agree that I think this is one of the best things you can do to set yourself on the path […]

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Serve $50 Statement Credits Per Month via Isis

Posted by Kate on April 18, 2014

American Express’ Serve is offering a cool rebate offer through their Isis Mobile Wallet. Every time you make a purchase over $1 you’ll get $1 back, with potential for up to $150 back during the next 3 months – it’s this week’s Free Money Friday offer! How to Get Your Bonus If you haven’t already, […]

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How to Handle an Income Tax Audit

Posted by Kristen on April 17, 2014

The thought of being audited by the IRS can be horrifying. Much of that fear probably comes from not really understanding an audit. In many cases, people don’t understand how or why they are getting audited, what they need to do once they find out they are being audited, and what happens next for them. […]

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Are You Worried About Your Financial Future?

Posted by Don on April 16, 2014

Are you worried about your financial future? Scared about being able to afford to retire? Maybe you are scared about affording health care or if an emergency will wipe you out. If you have any of these concerns, it is time to face your fears head on and start making things happen so that if […]

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Easy Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund the Right Way

Posted by Kristen on April 15, 2014

The tax deadline is here! If you are still finishing your tax return today, be sure to see the Last Minute Checklist for Getting Your Taxes Done Right! And if you aren’t going to finish today, you’ll want to head straight for the information in How to File for a Tax Extension. Once your taxes […]

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Last Minute Checklist for Getting Your Taxes Done Right

Posted by Kristen on April 14, 2014

Before you head out to file your taxes before the tax deadline, you’ll need to grab more than just your wallet to pay your tax professional for their services. There are a large number of items you need to bring with you when filing your taxes. In many cases, these items are essential to filling […]

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American Express $250 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on April 11, 2014

American Express is offering a sign up bonus on the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card for 25,000 points and it’s this week’s Featured Deal! The 25,000 points are worth up to $250 in gift cards. The Premier card was one that I had long forgotten about, but resurfaced when I made my list earlier […]

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