Even with tax time behind us, we found some great finance reads out there this week on taxes, travel, retirement and more!

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Wealth Strategy: Track Your Net Worth – I have to agree that I think this is one of the best things you can do to set yourself on the path towards building wealth. -Million Dollar Journey

Finance Reads

Devil’s Advocate: Give Uncle Sam a Free Loan! – I also tend to err on the side of preferring to give Uncle Sam a free loan. What are our readers’ thoughts? -Lazy Man and Money

Marriage Penalty or Bonus Poll Results – This had some interesting info on whether people getting married tend to pay more or less in taxes after marriage. -The Finance Buff

What You Shouldn’t Do After a Layoff – This had some good tips on things to avoid doing after you’ve lost your job, even if they won’t always be easy. -MoneySmartLife

Vanguard Managed Payout Funds and Safe Withdrawal Rate Strategy – This was a good read on one of Vanguard’s funds that aims to help those in retirement manage the transition from earning a paycheck to having to create one from their investments. -My Money Blog

Not a Travel Hacker? Vacation Where and When Your Dollar Goes the Furthest – With the summer travel season approaching, this is worth a read before you plan your next trip. -PT Money

7 Ways to Help Your Parents Save Money – A great read for anyone with parents nearing retirement. -WiseBread

5 Ways to Stay Within Your Budget When Buying a House – There’s never a more important time to stay within your budget than when you’re buying a house so this article could save you a ton of money. -Money Crashers

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