Serve $50 Statement Credits Per Month via Isis

Posted by Kate on April 18, 2014

American Express’ Serve is offering a cool rebate offer through their Isis Mobile Wallet. Every time you make a purchase over $1 you’ll get $1 back, with potential for up to $150 back during the next 3 months – it’s this week’s Free Money Friday offer!

How to Get Your Bonus

  1. If you haven’t already, sign up for Serve from American Express.
  2. Use your Serve card through the Isis Mobile Wallet.
  3. For any purchases you make over $1 through June 30, 2014, you’ll get $1 back in statement credits.

Terms and Conditions

  • Transit and parking purchases are excluded.
  • Purchase transactions using a plastic American Express Serve Card are ineligible.
  • Limit of $50 in total statement credits per calendar month during the offer period.
  • Any unused $50 doesn’t carry over to the next month.

More on Serve and Isis Mobile Wallet

What is Serve? Serve is an American Express prepaid account that lets you make payments in stores, online, and on your mobile phone. You can move money or split the bill on the go by using their mobile apps and Serve accounts have no credit check, activation fee or minimum balance. In addition, you can use Use Serve to Cash Out Gift Cards via ATMs.

What is Isis? Isis is a free app that lets you pay with your phone. Your Serve card will sit inside of your Isis mobile wallet. You can also add offers and loyalty cards from participating merchants.

Learn more about Isis

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Comments to Serve $50 Statement Credits Per Month via Isis

  1. You can’t have a Serve card if you have a Bluebird account.


    • Good point Kathleen!

      I used my husband to get around that issue… one of us has a Serve card and the other a Bluebird account!


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