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Do You Have a Foodsaver?

Saving money on groceries doesn’t go very far if you have to throw away your food because of freezer burn. After a lot of thought and research, I bought a Foodsaver!

Of course, I was supposed to be packing because we’re flying out for vacation soon… but I really wanted one to go along with my buying in bulk [1] and obsessive couponing [2]!

Foodsaver Reviews

The reviews on the newest model, the Foodsaver v3840 (or the v3825 at Costco), were mixed. This review was probably the funniest review I’ve ever read [3], but it was also very informative…. one of the reasons I decided to pass on the newer model.

So I opted for the old Foodsaver v2840 model which got great reviews. After shopping around, I found that I could do much better than the Amazon Foodsaver 2840 price [4] over $200 (or the Foodsaver.com price with the 20% off) at QVC!

The QVC Foodsaver 2840 [5] is $94.68 plus shipping. And don’t forget 4% cash back with Mr. Rebates [6].

My total was $104.15 and it will arrive the day we get back from vacation…. speaking of vacation, I better get to the airport! While we’re gone, you’ll be in good hands thanks to my great staff: Kate, Amanda, and Jill!

So is the Foodsaver worth it? Or did I just throw $100 out the window?


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