With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many guys are scrambling to find that perfect gift. Many will rely on the old standby of roses and chocolate. But I encourage you to do something different. Take some time to put some thought and effort into your gift this year and show your Valentine you really care. Below are 5 out of the box gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. The nice things about these ideas are they are low cost and don’t take a ton of time to create.

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Open When Cards

Every woman loves when you put thought into a gift you give and open when cards are the most thoughtful gift of all. If you have never heard about these, they are cards you give someone to open at certain times. For example, on the envelope you will write:

  • Open when you are feeling sad
  • Open when you want a laugh
  • Open when you miss me
  • Open when you want a sweet treat

Then the card on the inside will be a note relating to the topic on the envelope. So how do you make this gift? First, you head over to Target or Michaels and buy a pack of cards with envelopes. Don’t just buy the plain white one’s either. Make it a point to get a pack that has a design on them. If you end up at Michaels, know that they have 50% off coupons all over the place, so you can snag a deal. I got my card packet for $5. You will also need a set of markers too.

From there, you just start creating some card ideas. If you need help, you can head over to Pinterest where there are literally thousands of ideas for these cards. Within minutes you should have ideas for 10-15 cards.

Once written and sealed, package them up and give to your loved one for Valentine’s Day!

Date Night Cards

If the open when cards sound a little too involved for you, then you can do date night cards instead. Same idea as above -get cards and envelopes. In this case though, you need 12, one for each month of the year.

On each card, write down a date idea for the two of you. Make sure you aren’t just doing things you want to do – like going to the monster truck show. Do things you both enjoy, things you haven’t done before and things she wants to do. Trust me, it won’t kill you to go to the ballet one time.

Again, when you are finished, package them up and give them to your loved one.

Re-Create Your First Date

Remember where you went on your first date? Is it possible for you to re-create it? For example, if your first date was at a restaurant, see about making reservations there. Then tell your loved one that you are taking her out that night. When you get there, tell her you are re-enacting your first date and then pretend you are getting to know each other all over again. Who knows, you might even learn something new about them!

Make An Album of Memories

With all sorts of digital photo services, it takes no time at all to create a photo album of memories. The most time will be finding all of the pictures of the two of you. Once you collect pictures from trips, events and fun times, put them together in an album to give to your loved one.

If the pictures are digital, even better, you can upload them to a photo service, pay a few bucks and have the album mailed to you!

Take A Cooking Class

See if you can find a place locally that offers cooking classes. You don’t have to take the class on Valentine’s Day. Instead, take the class, and then agree to re-make the meal together for Valentine’s Day. One of two things will happen:

  • It will be a success and you will have a great time making dinner together.
  • It will be a complete failure and you will have to order a pizza. In this case, you will have a great memory to laugh over for years to come.

Final Thoughts

With just a little bit of thought and effort, you can come up with some low cost Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will melt her heart. While it is easy to just get chocolates and roses, step up to the plate and show your loved one just how much she really means to you.

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