Cancel Sprint Service Without Early Termination Fees

Posted by Madison on January 21, 2008

This article could save you hundreds of dollars but to display it you need to follow these four easy steps: Click here and select your state. OPTIONAL: Get a quote from any of the listed companies. Return here and enter the name of FIRST insurance company that appears in the list. Click “Unlock” to display […]

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Ten Easy Energy Savings Tips

Posted by Madison on January 14, 2008

I recently got a mailer from Power Tomorrow, a program that encourages a “greater energy-efficient commitment in our lives.” It broke down energy use by category: The mailer also included some great energy savings tips. I’ve highlighted the easy ones here and added some additional ones:

Public Employees can Double-dip on Retirement

Posted by Madison on December 26, 2007

I’ve been finalizing our budget for the upcoming year. Included is determining how much to contribute to our various retirement accounts. My husband works for a university, so he has two plans available to him: the 457 and the 403b.

Why I Won’t Spend the Same Amount on the Kids

Posted by Madison on December 21, 2007

Save the guilt and the cash. Give the kids presents based on wants, needs, and the ability to give. Do not give based on meeting a price that was spent on their sibling. I realize this is probably an unpopular stance, as I’ve witnessed many families make sure that all the kids get equal amounts […]

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Why Am I Unpopular at Christmas?

Posted by Madison on December 19, 2007

I’d like to think that as the family financial guru, I give the best gifts! I put a lot of thought into each one and come up with gifts that will keep on giving, sometimes for the lifetime of the recipient. So why do people dread my great gift giving ideas?

Energy Savings Tips

Posted by Madison on November 30, 2007

I often end up on subscription lists for various newsletters. One I noticed in my mailbox today was from Little Grad. It’s the Little Insights Newsletter. It had some great tips on energy savings: College Saving Tip: Heating Water Energy Consider installing a drain water waste heat recovery system. A recent DOE (Dept Of Energy) […]

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