Rate Chasing with High Yield Savings Accounts

Posted by Madison on November 13, 2008

Just as you secure your money in a savings account at a bank with the highest interest rate, another bank offers a higher interest rate. With a quarter million dollars in the bank from credit card arbitrage, I’m always on the look out for the best rate. What is Rate Chasing? Rate chasers move their […]

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14 Steps to Prepare For Holiday Shopping

Posted by Madison on November 10, 2008

Too early to begin holiday shopping? … OK, maybe, for some of you. But it’s not too early to begin planning for holiday shopping! The more prep work you do, the better result you will have with your money and stress in the next six weeks. 1. Make your list. Hopefully you saved your list […]

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Your 9 Step Economic Action Plan

Posted by Madison on October 23, 2008

Photography: That was supposed to be going up, wasn’t it? by rednuht The new icebreaker for every conversation seems to be the economy. Readers, family, friends, and neighbors are all asking about it. Everyone wants to know what to do in the current economy. There’s a wealth of great information already out there; here it […]

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15 Must Do Fall Finance Tips

Posted by Madison on October 13, 2008

Three months ago you worked on your Mid Year Checkup. How time flies! Another quarter later, and it’s time to prepare your finances for fall. Here’s 15 more tips to get your finances in shape: 1. File your taxes. What? Didn’t we do that back in April? Not so if you got an extension. Your […]

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What Is Your Weakness?

Posted by Madison on September 29, 2008

We all have one. Something we love that we can’t bring ourselves to give up even when we’re busy paying down debt or saving for a really important goal. And our plans are only as good as our weakest financial link. Questions to Ask Yourself Not all weaknesses are bad. For example, if you’ve given […]

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Gaming the Grocery System

Posted by Madison on September 16, 2008

Grocery Game finally has my local supermarket! I joined a couple weeks ago and have saved about $70 already! What is Grocery Game? The Grocery Game website creates a shopping list for your supermarket each week. It calculates the sale price and any coupons out there that will work for the product. The list identifies […]

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What Am I Supposed to Buy at Costco?

Posted by Madison on September 15, 2008

Our brand new Costco just opened last month. There’s a lot of hype, and I heard through a rumor that they’ve already had 14,000 people sign up since they opened. (No idea if that’s true or not.) Maybe all those people know something that I don’t. So what is it exactly that I’m supposed to […]

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7 Sneaky Ways Your Health Insurance Can Save You Money

Posted by Madison on August 18, 2008

When was the last time that you read your health insurance policy, and I mean, really sat down and read it cover to cover? I happened to read the changes section to our policy and found they had added some new benefits this year. I found that our insurance company will reimburse us for many […]

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Back to School Savings Challenge

Posted by Madison on August 12, 2008

What? It’s time to go back to school already? What happened to summer? That’s what I wanted to ask members of The Life Skills Network when they suggested a back to school series in early August! We have a law here that school cannot start until after Labor Day. So school is still a long […]

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15 Tips for Saving Money While You Still Have a Job

Posted by Madison on August 4, 2008

Photo: Cubicle Panorama by Kyle and Kelly Adams Now that I’ve settled into my decision to quit my job, I’m making sure that I’m accounting for all the money that I’m giving up. Besides a salary and benefits like insurance, there’s often many monetary benefits for working in the corporate world. I started making a […]

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